Got a gun pulled on me

Level 1
I’m typing this with a new OfferUp account because the phone I was trying to sell and my personal phone got stolen today while I was doing a transaction. The man asked if he could hold the phone and looked at it for a while while proceeding to tell me the moneys in his car. I told him I wanted to see my phone back and he denied saying it was okay and he wouldn’t do anything. I hesitated and then out of nowhere he shows me his gun and tells me to watch out. I back off and he points it on my chest while demanding to give him my personal phone as well as the phone I was selling. Next thing I know he drives off and I’m stuck there with no cellular device. Help please
Level 5
1st have your phones that where stolen reported to police then have them turned off. On sales like that go inside a fast food place where other people are and dont let him go outside with phone did you get his license plate no? Sorry this happened to you.


File a police report, as law enforcement is the only entity that will be able to present a subpoena/warrant to OfferUp in order to obtain the buyer's information.


If you contact OfferUp directly, they will not give up the buyer's info.