Got scammed for the first time and want to warn people.

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So a few days ago I was looking at a Nintendo Switch that was priced at $240 with amiibos and came with 5 games. I messaged the profile user named: Marcus and he seemed pretty chill at first. He said that he would ship through USPS and that he would ship by about 7pm. I ended up telling him I would buy it later when I had all of my money situated and he complied. So later than evening around 3 or 4 hours later...I ended up messaging him saying I had the money and I was ready to pay. He then proceeded to ask if it was okay if I would pay through Google Pay vs the in app because the money would take about a week or so to send, and my dumb self said yes because at the time I was super excited I was getting a deal on the switch and I've sold before and sometimes the app will hold your money depending on the bank. So he then gave me an email and I sent the money and that was that. Then thats where the sketchiness started. I asked him numerous times where was his location because he was supposed to ship it and he made an excuse saying, "Its raining hard and the post office just closed." So I kind of brushed it off because most people do end up shipping a few days later but I still was speculative. So this morning I woke up because he said I can expect to hear from him first thing in the morning. From me just opening the app I knew it was a scam because his profile picture had changed to a completely different person and in addition he deactivated his account. I just got so angry because I saw the red flags but I just didnt pursue. Currently my bank is processing my refund but not only that, more evidence arose to show that it was a scam from the start. I went on my computer and through the lifesaving emails I had it showed that he had changed his profile picture well before I even paid and shortly after I made the purchase, I noticed how he stopped responding in full sentences like he was. 


So I just wanted to warn people to just stop and think about what you are doing despite the deals these scammers put out. I know we get excited and that we all want a good deal, but it ultimately can blind us in the process. Also notice the red flags and ask questions. I saw red flags but didnt react because I became so acustom to the whole process of buying through apps like this. I just wanted to end this post with a list of red flags to look out for based off my first scamming experience.


  • Always look at their items sold and look to see how many items they have for sale because usually scammers will only have one item for sale and have no other features on their profile. 
  • Do not buy if they ask to buy outside the app because in my case Google Pay was the worst app I couldve agreed to because it only provides an email.
  • If you pay and they start giving one word answers, start asking questions and go as far as reporting them ahead of time because they most likely got your money and want to stop talking. 
  • Screenshot the first few interations of the messages just in case the person changes their profile picture or ends up deactivating their account. 
  • And lastly, if you are getting something shipped, let the person know ahead of time that you are ready to pay so they will hopefully go to the post office before you pay if they arent scamming. (Even though thats really difficult). 


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I got almost the exact same scam on OfferUp. Dude was asking for $200 for a Nintendo Switch (Name is Lito Velez from Newark, New Jersey) and he was asking to have the money transferred through the app Zelle since the money would have been heald by OfferUp for about a week or so, which all seemed reasonable. I accepted and sent the money, to which he said he would have it shipped first thing the next morning. Tried to contact him but he had apparanently blocked my number and email as I could not reach him through either means. He had thge TruYou check by his account, four 5-star ratings, and was selling other items such as a Nintendo 3DS with some games and other items. 


I just wanted to tag onto this post as it was almost the exact same setup, and I should have seen the signs before hand, but just was too blinded by my excitement to get a Nintendo Switch for that low of a price. Just because the user has their phone and email verified as well as the TruYou check mark doesn't automatically make them a trustworthy person. Never ever send money through a 3rd party app for any item you want to purchase through OfferUp, and never underestimate the tricks these people have gotten.


I hope that this post will help someone to realize that if the offer seems to good to be true, then 9 times out of ten it is. Be safe out there.

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Be sure to report this user if you believe they are a scammer.
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Yes I have reported his account to OfferUp.

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I got scammed by the same person...after transaction from google pay he deleted all his items he had for sell on offer up, making it impossible to message him..after that I thankfully had his email from google pay and I emailed him.. He answered saying that the item (the nintendo switch ) would be shipped the next day. after that day I emailed him concerning the switch but he had never answered no matter how much times i had emailed him. I waited a couple days and still no answer. So I had to get a refund from google pay. I was very disappointed and confused, Becuase at first he seemed like a pretty trustworthy nice guy even offering his id, and recipes..but I've learned that these scammers are getting really smart now and its important that we watch out and avoid them. Now I've learned to pay through offer up only and not thrird party apps. Especially apps that dont have gaurenteed refunds like cashapp.
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Dude I got scammed by the same dude only diff is I made him show a pic of his shipping receipt before I paid and he did, it was supposed to arrive today I checked the trevking and it went to a diff address in pa I’m from ca. I’m outraged🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ What did u end up doing did u get ur money back? How? I’m in the same boat

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Since Paid on Google pay it allowed me to get a refund...but it could only happen 10 days after all depends on the format you used to pay...all i can say is report him...if he gets enough reports, hopefully offer up can kick him off the app
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I was selling my iPhone 8 plus on offer up. A man named Robert Desmond gave the highest offer of $500.00 for the phone. He texted me via phone and asked if we can process the payment using PayPal since he lives in Florida, USA. I recieved emails from a PayPal email address about a pending transaction of $500.00 that would be credited to my account after I sent the iPhone through mail and sent photo proof of the receipt and tracking number. I didn't recieve payment still after mailing my iPhone. I got another email that said it would take 24 hours to be credited to my PayPal account. Today, the next morning, I receive a email saying there was a problem crediting my account because it has a limit and it needs to be expanded to a business account. They said I needed to go purchase iTunes gift card of $600.00 and send it to them to expand my account. From there I realized that I was being scammed and called PayPal customer service and they confirmed that the transaction number that I recieved on the emails sent to me did not exist and that none of the emails I received was from PayPal but a personal account disguising themselves to be PayPal. Watch out for a person named Robert Desmond or Joshua Desmond. His number and address: 4022304323, 2229 NW 79th, Ave Miami, Florida 33122
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There is another scammer out there going by names Barry,Gabriel Freeman or Jack he says hes an Oceanographer and wants to send cashiers check for pmt and "his movers "will pick up item or items. His God daughter (Sarah) is in on it also. I almost fell prey to it but my curiosity got to me and I went Goggling....found out a lot....just letting people know to check out these things that sound to good to be true. He wanted to buy my recliner ($250.00)and my Serger machine ($400.00) Be on the look out!!!!!
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I know this is an old post, but the same thing happened to me just this friday. I paid the guy the money through Cashapp, long story short he then proceeded to block me through phone, cashapp, and offerup. I contacted cashapp trying to get a refund, they said they couldn't help me. Is there any way i can get my money??