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I sold a bag on Offer Up two weeks ago. It was received by the Buyer LAST WEEK! So, until Monday (6/18) it showed my deposit of the money for the bag "pending" - well yesterday the money disappeared and on the Offer Up APP and I do not see where the money is anywhere. I am trying to get offer up to respond but their customer service is LACKING!! Any suggestions on what I should do? It was alot of money!! Thank you to anyone who can shed light on why the money was there and now it is not showing up.

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Read these for more info:

Get paid after shipping with OfferUp payments

Deposit Pending Taking Too Long

Payment pending.....

Payments take longer than people anticipate. Read the language carefully.


Our Community Managers MJ_206 or @Elin may be able to help. Good luck.

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Hi @LVLady73 welcome to the forum,,,,that probably means your money is in cyberspace about to show up in your account , but that may take a few days more,,,,,,,please keep us updated, some of us are waiting to see shipping work better before using it ourselves.

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Hi there, @LVLady73! If the payment is no longer showing as "pending" that's because it is quite literally no longer pending! It's on the way to your account, so you should see it either by the end of the day today or in the morning tomorrow Smiley Happy

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Still no deposit and still nothing showing that i even got paid which is totally weird because it doesn’t show up under my “transactions” either
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Well it’s been another 48 hours. It’s not showing under transactions either. I am so upset because there is no way to track it either
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-Ciao' @LVLady73-

You have been very patient... give it @ least 1 or 2 business days ☺

OfferUp will "always" pay 👍
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I know it will get resolved and they will pay. I JUst hate that i can’t see that i even sold something on offer up.
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Yeaaaa this is when I stop letting Offer Up handle my money. I keep getting notifications asking for my social and crap to verify my identity to get my money, this has been going on for a week, I’ve given my social at least twice every day when prompted .

Time for a class action suit? Pretty sure we are not the only ones Offer Up is playing with.
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Still NOTHING!!! My sale isn’t showing up anywhere. I am out almost $400. I can’t even believe this is happening to me