Happy Earth Day!

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Hello OfferUp Community!


It's Earth Day! I like to think that OfferUp does a lot for the environment/earth/world. Each sale done on OfferUp just keeps one more item out of our landfills and dumps. 


The main OfferUp blog posted a really awesome blog about how OfferUp is celebrating Earth Day. Here is the start of that article, but you can finish reading it here.


"Every day is Earth Day at OfferUp because we celebrate and encourage those who are discovering value in things they no longer use, and those who save money buying a preloved item. With every transaction, we’re saving precious resources by making sure perfectly usable items don’t end up in a landfill. When you add up the millions of things being bought and sold on OfferUp every year, the community is making a real impact!


Earth Day is April 22, and we’re celebrating by taking a look back at how OfferUp has helped give back to the earth in 2018. Check out how much of an impact our community made last year, and in honor of #earthday2019, sell something on OfferUp that you would have otherwise thrown away or make your next purchase here (and save money while you’re at it!)

Highlights from 2018…"


Go ahead and read that article and let me know your thoughts!

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Happy Earht Day @ Mj_206. Will read! @L11
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@Mj_206--Well stated!! We have to create meaningful ways to give back, & what better way then to provide other people with items no longer needed & they can use them as oppose to us perhaps throwing things away. I love your post!!
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That's Right... It is!
Appreciate the reminder @Mj_206!
The compassion and community force that OfferUp brings, is what drew me to this particular buy/sell marketplace!
Usually plant something today!
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I use this sight to turn others people's trash into cash and save the landfills! So basically I use to enjoy cruising around on trash nights in certain neighborhoods know to me to have more money than common sense, or just apparently don't have the time or the patience to fix something. And I score a lot of things that nothing wrong with them. Then you have your things like mowers anything gas that you have to fix which has always being cleaning carburetor, fuel lines or broken wheels, self propel cable, broken pull rope , which if you are mechanically inclined it's a easy and cheap fix. Almost all my items I've sold on here has been things I've found or got donated/or given to me because I drove around on trash night or seen something someone I know had setting around that was going in the trash eventually. But to me for the little amount of gas I use and the time I use which I have plenty of to cruise and look for things and turn a profit and not have to sell my items I can sell things that I find for free feels real good after making sale. And then there are things I find that I hold onto lol like a lot of cool stuff but happy earth day and maybe this will encourage others to do the same
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Welcome to the Community forums
Inspiring first post!
Your part in helping the planet makes me smile! 😁 Thanks!!
Continued success new OU neighbor!
Ciao´ for now...
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@Danielg7162--Hello & welcome to the forums!! Continue to communicate with others and sharing your experiences!! Welcome!!
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@Danielg7162 Good post, your already doing a terrific thing for the planet, and now with this post if you can inspire more people to join in, this place may just have a chance! Thank you and welcome to the forums. Keep up the good work!