Has OfferUp sold out to Car Dealerships???

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I get it. It generates traffic, etc., but this is getting ridiculous. I've used this service for YEARS, but rarely do anymore. Sifting through the endless posts from Car Dealers makes it impossible. I see many, many posts where people have complained of this to no avail. Very simple solution, but nobody listening. Create an option to click the user and hide all posts by user. Or when you block a user, hide their posts. When I view 90 posts and 78 are from car dealers, I'd call that a sell-out. What a shame....

Edit:. Found the answer to this - $$$$. They have monetized this part of their business model. Thus, they have lost what made them different. In other words, they HAVE sold out. Not the same App. Just another muddied up CraigsList, sprinkled with a dash of Cars.com. Time to check out alternatives...
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@MWDanford they nees to make money. I mean OU is not charitable organization. OU is back by venture capital so OU need to pay them back.
Also, I never paid OU a single penny and only way they reallly can make money is advertising just like LetGo, Facebook or any other free websites or apps
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Only 78/90? My searches are taken over by hundreds and hundreds of  duplicate ads, yet can't do anything to stop seeing them.