Has anyone ever been threatened by a potential buyer?

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I've had a potential buyer send a message about a painting I have for sell. It was bought from a gallery for $1200, and I have it listed for $600. It's not a small painting by any stretch, it's taller then I am. A buyer made me an offer of $200, and said that if I could deliver it, they'd pay me an additional  $100. I checked their profile, it said the person lived in Va. Beach, so I asked them if they did, they said they lived on the border of Va., and N. Carolina. I told them I can't fit the painting in my vehicle, and I won't deliver anything of that value when I'm taking the chance of them changing their mind, so I  refused their offer, and even told them I'm not delivering, and I refuse to go any lower then my asking price. They in return threatened to report me to Offer Up if I didn't do what they wanted, so I told them to report me, because no one tells who, and when, and how to sell my property. 


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Report the buyer to OfferUp and then block them. You get to determine selling price and have no obligation to deliver.
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It might not be the same thing, but I got told that I wasnt a real person when I wouldn't give my number out on a selling app.
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Report the buyer to OfferUp and then block them. You get to determine selling price and have no obligation to deliver.
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@Burgos83 please report the buyer to OU. They can't threaten you for not accept lowball price.

Don't worry, they can't do anything to you. They are just bluffing.
So a few days ago I reposted one my offer about bullets 38. Special 357 mag bullets that I was trying to sell any ways I got a message asking about the item I responded out of no where this buyer flipped the whole conversation into something that had nothing to do with the item . He was asking for sex that he would pay blah blah ..... I was taken back by this whole thing that I ended up telling my husband and he messaged the guy back telling him off .. in the end I reported him and he was blocked.
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@Alexandra1996 that is good news that he got blocked.
Also FYI, selling bullets, guns, intercontinental ballistic missiles, fighter bombers, or weapons of mass destruction types are prohibited from OU.
You MIGHT get banned for selling prohibited items.
Just blanks ...
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@Alexandra1996 let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Alexandra1996 blanks are also against OfferUp guidelines under prohibited items guidelines; under dangerous items. I’ll also add the OfferUp selling app as well as the Community forum guidelines links also the Posting Rules below, this will help you moving forward. 😎🇬🇧🔚

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