Help Getting Paid !!! Please!!!

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You’re in the boat with a lot of other people, including me. I was told the same bs about a specialist contacting me, that was two days ago. No one is going to contact you and we’ve all been lied to about our money. This company is starting to feel like a scam, just go look at their sad BBB ratings haha. Good luck, hope we all get our money soon. I’ve been waiting since April 29
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I was told a payment specialist would contact me two days ago and haven’t heard anything. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m just sick of it.
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@Mj_206 Are you reading all these people who are in the same position as me?!?

I don’t have a lot of confidence that I am going to be paid.

What is the next step on your end to help me, and everyone else get paid???

It shouldn’t take 14 days or more to get paid. And it isn’t my banks fault

I’m running out of food, gas, etc. I was counting on the money OfferUp is holding and I definitely didn’t expect to be waiting weeks for a deposit when other companies manage to do it in 24 hours.
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It's gone. My money is all gone. Poof gone. I'm already looking around for a lawyer. Would you be willing to join if it turns out I have a case ? Does anybody have any legal advice that will help?

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@Dch75 Yes, I would be willing to join.

I’m really really angry.
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@DeadRebel lol your angry ?!?!? I am F-ing **bleep**. I knew something was up the sec the fourm mods started putting"sloved" on our post complaing abut there site. We need to take action not before more people get pryed on.

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And as I expected, no money in my bank account yet.

If Steven actually pushed my deposit through, it would be there.

I want action @Mj_206 Please. I’m broke and was counting on that money. I’m disabled and get paid monthly. I count on these sales to supplement my income.

Come on!!!
what theyre not understanding is my bank is open 7 days a week I normally dont wait for business days this is 2018
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@BrightMoonstone...What do you not uderstand? Shipping is an option. OfferUp has had their shipping/payment policy posted since inception, but peolple don't seem to comprehend the words within the policy.  I posted a warning over a month ago in the forums, stating that it could take 2 weeks.


If you don't agree with OfferUp's shipping/payment policy, then don't use the shipping option.

Ya its it kinda funny how after I get a message that says it was delivered and asking how I want to be paid theres no information there that I have already entered six times. I taked with my bank and they said it doesnt take that long because theyre open 7 days a week. Once the money has been released it should be there in a day or so just like every other plantform