Help Getting Paid !!! Please!!!

I used stipe before on another site and it took a day or two at the most so I'm not sure what's going on. Something is wrong in the platform. The deposit time flame are usually just a general state of the extreme but apparently not in the case. I have great feedback on this site but unfortunately I'm about to get some bad feedback because I have 5 packages that need to be mailed but I don't feel comfortable mailing them now
@Lapua what do you not understand about being lied too. I don't know what your prob is but clearly you're not getting the point! It says money is released after 3 days it was released after 5. Is that easy to understand?
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@BrightMoonstone Of course you will get your money! As with any new feature, unfortunately, there were some hiccups and our team has been working 24/7 on it. No matter the case, you will always get paid. 

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@BrightMoonstone  I am not the one who can't comprehend what is written in English.  I have broken down the shipping policy more than a few times within the forums (even over a month ago).  

I tell you what @Lupua you're still not getting it. If you used the feature and could see what we see on the deposits page we have, you would understand what it say but apparently you don't get those messages because you're not using the feature so don't assume you're reading everything from your point over veiw because you're not seeing what we are seeing...
Level 9 don't get it.  It is NOT my point of view.  It is based on the facts.  The "terms of service" supersedes whatever that you are reading or what they are telling you, as they also have to conform to it.  It is how they protect themselves.

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Hi @BrightMoonstone it is clear that offerup has some technical difficulty in the shipping matter,,,,everyone knows that,,,,but they are working on the problem,,,,,,its a  new thing for offerup,,,,,,,,,,its bound to have some problems,,,,,,,,but from what i have seen here in the forums,,,they are indeed working on it,,,,,im pretty confident you will get your money,,,,,,,i realize its may be annoying but,,,,,,it is what it is,,,,no matter how much we talk about it,,,,,,,,its not gonna make it happen any faster

Lol have you read the TOS part that says we need to set up a Stripe account as a seller?
I don't know what TOS you are reading Im reading one attached to the payment receipt last week and was from Nov 2017 TOS that says I must have a approved Stripe account set up. You shouldn't be so rude and assume everyone is reading what you are cause this was sent to me tos last week after I sold something to ship
I'm also using a private credit union because things move alot faster and open 7 days a week.