Help Getting Paid !!! Please!!!

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When OU started Beta testing the shipping option  2 months ago, I read this..."Sellers: How to get your money":


I did not like the terms, and some of those that were the original testers did not have a positive experience, which is why I wrote about the whole process in detail last month.

I don't know the TOS I get is at the end of the receipt I get after a sale that says last revision Nov 17, 2017 and it talks about a bunch of stuff that doesn't even apply to what's going on with the transactions.
That's not the TOS I get the TOS at the end of the sale.
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I sent my item already and has been received since Wednesday. How much longer do I have to wait for my funds?
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Welcome to the Community Forums @TifarrahL809. This has been an ongoing topic the past few weeks with a new posting every other day, Do a quick search of payments or deposit and you'll find many threads currently with answers regarding wait time. 

It seems to be quite a wait before funds are actually deposited into your bank account.


Have you been using the app long?


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Just wondering did you ever receive your funds? I am going to the same thing right
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Hello @Jorge24 

What an awesome avatar -- love that pose!  Smiley Happy


I know that the payment response time has not met your expectations. Please try to think happy thoughts. You will get paid. Just a little more patience please.


I have two questions for you.


Are you the owner of that adorable avatar pup?


What type of items do you sell?

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I agree with @Shupat - that is one ADORABLE pups, @Jorge24!

Have you reached out to our Care team? I've heard quite a bit of feedback from our Payments and Shipping teams that respond to the shipping inquiries, and just about 9 times out of 10, the funds are on the way and the schedule is on track. I include an example of how long it can take to get paid in a blog over here

It's Monday, and since banks don't operate on Sundays, I'd say to give it until Wednesday or so and you just might have it by then! Remember - it can take up to 5 business days for the funds to appear in your account once they have been released by us. 

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Just to let you know, I have yet to receive my payment as well. It’s been over 10 days and I still haven’t got my money. I am so livid. I need my money and these stupid people on OfferUp are doing something really wrong to the customers. I just don’t get it
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I can fully appreciate your frustration @Jorge24 in having this inconvenience. I don't think insulting the staff of OfferUp is going to help the situation. Have you been in communication with Customer Support ?

Count business days (excluding holidays & weekends) let us know when you get your payment. I hope you get paid sooner rather than later.


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