Help: Offerup automatically cancel shipping offer after accepted

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This has happed to me twice now with 2 different buyer. Every time I accepted an offer with shipping the offer gets cancelled automatically, and this issue happed via both app and website. I have previously shipped items without any issues. Anyone knows how to fix this? Is it a system error? Thanks in advance!!
If you accept the offer and it cancels instantly with no delay then that means the buyers card was declined. Either they don’t have the funds in their account or their bank blocked the transaction for security reasons.

This has happened to me a few times with people buying items, they just have to call and let the bank know they are trying to make a purchase. After a few minutes of speaking with the bank they try again and it works.

Alternatively if you accept an offer and it goes through but gives you a message saying it’s being reviewed then that is different. You won’t get a label until the review is done.
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Hi there, thank you for the info! Yes the transaction was cancelled immediately after I click "accept offer" button.


Initially I thought the same too, but the first buyer tried both Apple Pay and her credit card, both failed for just a $5 item. The following day I accpeted a $15 offer from a different buyer and that offer was cancelled instantly too, which made me think if this is an error to my account. I have also sent an email to Offerup and their payment team is currently looking into this issue. Will update once I receive a result!

I have had this happened to me 3-4 times from different buyers that needed the item shipped. One thing they all have in common besides being out of state is that they had no reviews/ratings. I think the system flags them as suspicious and cancels the order . That’s my theory. However it’s still aggravating to the buyer who legitimately wants to get the item and pay for it, and me the seller who wants to make the sale.
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I believe you are correct. If the buyer has low to no ratings it automatically cancels out and has to be reviewed by their staff. I recently had two shipping sales do the same thing. Didn't get a go ahead for a couple days. Same buyer is now up to 6 purchases and it seems to have stopped being an issue.