Help! Received a bad item!

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I purchased a hard drive. It arrived this past Friday, so I received after I got off work.
I brought it in to work today to test/install it, but found out the drove is dead.
I poked around and finally found the buyer protection into and started to submit a claim, but received an error saying buyer protection had expired!
I thought it was three days?
Plus this was purchased to be used at my business, and I was there over the weekend.

What can I do????
Can anyone help me??
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Welcome to the Community forum @Southpaw32
Would contact Customer Care:
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@Southpaw32 As stated in the
Buyer protection on OfferUp
Last updated December 5, 2018

The buyer's payment is held until the transaction is complete. The transaction is considered complete if no buyer protection claim is made within a 2-day period after item delivery. At that point, the payment is released to the seller.
Once the payment has been released to the seller, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

I’ve also added the link to the buyers protection below,

I would also recommend reviewing Mj_206 Community forum manager thread topic; What to do if you have an issue from the link below,
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I assumed that meant two business days, as folks like me can’t test stuff over the weekend.

So, basically I’m screwed?
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Definitely reach out to the Customer Care team and let them know your situation, @Southpaw32. Sorry to hear this happened.

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Thanks for the help.
This is all very frustrating.

Is there an easy way to reach out to them?

I just had to submit an “other” submission to them, but that doesn’t seem like a good route.
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@Southpaw32 I totally understand your frustration, yes you can contact customer care through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you. Or from the link below. But please be sure to only submit one request per inquiry. Our Customer Care team works through requests in the order in which they were received, so opening several tickets on the same issue will just cause delays.

OfferUp Customer care
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How long should it take to get a reply to a request?

I've submitted two requests (seperate issues) and haven't heard anything back.

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@Southpaw32 sorry I am not on any support teams. any questions about looking into your account will need to be answered by support. As I don’t have access to account information to answer that question. my best advice is to wait for a response. Like I said before Our Customer Care team works through payments inquiries in the order in which they were
received and are working as fast as possible to get through these inquiries.