Hi im new to this community forum on offer up so really trying to figure it out?? Any tips/help

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Hello welcome! 🎈🎉🎈🎆

Be sure to read the Community Guidelines when you get the chance:


Basically, be nice and don't post outside (unapproved) links.

It's possible topics you may have in mind have been discussed in the past, so give the search function a go.

Would you like tips on selling in the app? Anything in particular?

Always cool to see new people join and hopefully share their experiences with the app or ways to deal with a particular situtation.
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Thanks for responding yeah I had sold quite a few things but seems like the things that I have that are really nice people don't go for I guess or they try to give extremely low prices. And I haven't paid yet to sell it faster and I don't know if that's just a scam? Cuz if I post 5 or 6 new things I'll get a couple sales and it seems like if I don't put money down my items don't get circulated as often
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I've never had to use the promote option, but I can see how it would be beneficial.

In particular the 3+ day promote.

It is an investment, which I would personally only recommend on $$$ items.

It will get more eyes on your item for sure, so do some math and see if it's worth it to you.


Although, note that you are able to repost weekly or bi-weekly without having to pay anything.

The reason to do it this far apart is to not get flagged by a spam bot.


If the want / need is there I'm sure you will eventually sell.

What are you selling by the way?

Some item simply just sell faster than others regardless of how long they are on the front feed.

Keep in mind once an item is gone from the front feed, potential buyers will have to search for them by name so;

Make sure your descriptions and titles are short and accurate + images clear enough to decipher.
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True.. ive been this site since it started. So many different profiles. I just atarted to get serious about exploring the hole app. I want to get away from the hey is that available? And then you never had nothing again!!!! Drives me crazy
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Hey there, @7979! Welcome! We have this guide which will help you navigate these forums easier Smiley Very Happy