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Why is it that when you're honest and you try to conduct business in an actual official manner people think they're being scammed. I have always been taught to never travel with large amounts of money but for some reason the sellers that I have been dealing with back out when I tell them to meet me at the Credit Union. I have also offered them to meet me at the Police Dept.
They would be a part of the total purchase process from beginning to end. They also don't like the fact that the bank wants to do a title search prior to purchase. Could this be because they are hiding something?
I think I'm done with Offer Up and I will just wait til something shows up in my little country town.
This is just too stressful for me.
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People use these apps for convenience, so that they can sell on their own terms. You are asking the sellers to travel to a specific Credit Union/Bank or a police station that might be inconvenient for them.


If I am selling something locally, for an in-person transaction, I refuse to travel even 1/4mile from my chosen location. There is no guarantee that the buyer will actually purchase the item, and if someone wants it bad enough, they will comply with my terms.

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I am travelling 100 miles to make a $5000 purchase. I asked them what was the closest credit union for them that is a shared branch.
I am a female. Who's to say I wouldn't become an ID Channel episode because I travelled to Jacksonville, Fl. With $5000 in my pocket and someone that I don't know X's me off. And I've seen episodes with Jacksonville as the crime town many times.
My life and safety is more important than a little inconvenience.
Offer Up specifically recommends that you meet at a Police Station or DMV.
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How you wish to buy on your "terms" is your prerogative. It is the same for the seller. Just find a seller that agrees with your terms. BTW, recommendations are just suggestions and not requirements.


You asked a question, and I answered it from a seller's perspective.

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Welcome to the Community Forums @Sheyroc. There are scams here just like everywhere else. If your saying many people your dealing with feel that your trying to scam them, maybe you should consider your approach. If you've gotten multiple replies that indicate that, then the answer will likely be found in your communication feed. Go back and review it. We're only getting your question of others but there's potentially, more info on your end to answer your own question.
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HI @Sheyroc welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,always do what you are comfortable with ,,,better to be safe than sorry.,,,,,,,,would love to hear your imput on other topics here in the forums also,

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That's because Jacksonville FL is a **bleep**. I've reported lots of people and OfferUp never removes there accounts. I'm a serious seller and people here are worthless to me. That's why Jacksonville is garbage