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Hi i am definitely a shopper & unfortunately buy myself alot more things than necessary. I usually end up throwing things (clothing, shoes, accessories etc) or just giving to friends. Or family. Someone suggested i try to sell on here to make back some of the tons ive spent on things but so far im not too impressed. Im at the point where ive got probably 100- 150 new or slightly used items to list but have not had success with the few ive listed so far so im on the verge of just tossing stuff because im still shopping & dont have room to keep accumulating. Just came from co-op & spent way too much. I guess the point is if i at least would sell somethings on here. I would not have as much guilt for buying more things ireally dont need.....sorry for venting but thanks for listening....!!!!!!
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Keep in mind, some items will unfortunately not sell as well as others.

These include, makeup, clothing, shoes, cars etc.
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@Creativedeals It's okay to vent! We're here for you. Have you tried reading any of the tips in the Tip forum that other members of the community have shared on how to be a more successful seller? You can find that forum here. We have lots of great info from members as well on our blog I'd love for you to read to get you started. You can find that here


Make sure you are posting multiple, quality photos that show as many angles of your items as you can, and include as much description as you can so people know exactly what you are looking to sell. I'm sure other members of the community here will help, but try reading through those links I gave you above and let me know Smiley Happy

Thanks i really appreciate it. I decided im just going to take as many pics of items i have not used in while & want to get rid of this weekend & just post all of them & see what happens. If i sell anything at all it will be better than just tossing Thanks again for advice. Dwayne
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@Creativedeals just keep in mind to check what other people are selling similar items for, also try to post more often meaning don’t just post and forget it, and when you sell an Item, I usually make plans to meet two minutes from my location, telling the buyers to message me when they get to the meeting place. because you will get people saying there on the way, then they will not show up. also check the persons profile pages give you information on that person. Helps you see if the person reliable and more. I would highly recommend checking out the links that Elin posted for you to see. Hope this helps you. Good luck on your sales. 👍