How and when did you hear about OfferUp?

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Hey everyone!


I just realized that my OfferUp anniversary is at the end of the month. I'm super curious to hear about how you all heard about OfferUp, and when? What was your first item? 


On the 31st, I will have had my OfferUp account for 3 years! I first heard about the app through an old friend, who eventually referred me to work here. 3 years later - I'm still LOVING it Smiley Very Happy My first post was actually me playing around with the app and just testing it out. It was an Xbox Controller that I listed as an "Antique Cell Phone" which I thought was hilarious Smiley LOL


Share your OfferUp story below!

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-Ciao' @Mj_206-
---Cute Commercial---
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@KSARASARA do you remember which commercial?! Smiley Very Happy

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Believe it was one of their first commercials @Mj_206...
Not much of a tv person 😉
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I'm bumping this post because I still wanna hear from you guys! Smiley Very Happy

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What you really need to do is read the other post i made about the spammers
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Believe... it's the one with the couple that just moved and were searching for items in a kinda competitive way (outside backdrop) 😊