How can I post items from my desktop and from my iPhone?

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How do I post from my cruise phone
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To 0317 ~ Yes! MANY of us would prefer to work from our computers. Phones are smaller, and some individuals have heavy fingers, others have arthritis, etc. etc. So, for many of us it is much, MUCH easier to work from our Macs or PCs. I just now signed up for OfferUp, and was SO DiSAPPOINTED to discover this problem. I really want to use it on my computer NOT my iPhone. Please see if this can be accomplished, and Post back! Thank you!

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I'm not computer savvy, and have a MAC. Is there a way to "translate" this info to open OfferUP on one's Mac? Thanks in advance!

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The ability to use either phone or computer would be excellent!


Phone screens cause me eye strain and headaches and I choose to leave the cell phone off all the time until when I need it and no wifi in home. A bit of reseach on the effects of 5G may surprise you.  

PS: Please allow us a way to only show local ads. I'm getting a bunch of ads while browsing that are thousands of miles away. This IMHO is a waste of our time and energy.


Thanks and heres to hoping OfferUp listens to us!  

Click on pickup and not shipping. Pickup is local adds. Like I explained the other day, go to the top of the main page on the right, click the little location (tear shape) image and set your distance. You have these features
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What you keep refering to is for SELLERS!


OfferUp does not (yet) have a feature to toggle OFF non local ads when browsing to BUY.


OfferUp since offering Shipping now dilutes the browsing experience for BUYERS with stuff from out of state.




Thanks Smiley Happy

@Kali108 I am referring to search not selling. I also search to find only local items. That is the method on my devise used to search local posted items for sell. Perhaps you can search youtube and maybe there is something there to help.
If you're referring to the items that are department ads you can not turn those off, that's how Offerup makes money.
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well can you tell me how you post from your home computer?