How can I post items from my desktop and from my iPhone?

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How can I sell/post from my desktop and my iPhone. I’ve tried to sell from my desktop but it says “I can sell from my phone app only””

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Seeing as how this was solved (Kinda), there is a way to post from your desktop because i do it all the time , just gonna leave this snipet of info for whoever elese has this question ..So first things first , google android emulaters , I use Bluestacks, this is the best emu i have found , if you have a decent enough computer it will run it pretty smoothly , and will give you the ability to post from a desktop  inside the emu itself , Its kinda tricky at first because you import the pics you have from windows to the emu , Also the playstore is available , once emu is installed , then install offer up just like you would install on any other android device , and boom!!!

on your way to posting from desktop......Happy Posting All

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Dont think you are able too.
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Don't know enough but I have no trouble  selling from both.

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Hi @RedMototing welcome to the OfferUp Community forum 😊
I assume you down loaded the app from the App Store on your iPhone 📱? If not do so, then follow the instructions on setting it up with your information. Ones you have the app you just tap the icon that looks like a camera 🎥 at the bottom center of the page, from there take pictures or download pictures from your photos on your iPhone, filling in the item information just following the step by step till you list your post for sale.
Also if you need to contact members or you want them to response back on the forum put a @ in front of their username like this @Hotrod hope this helps you 😊
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i think i explained it wrong, i can sell/post from my iphone, but not from my desktop. or offerup only works off of iphone app? thx for any help! 

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@RedMototing That's been my experience. Some functions can only be done through your phone app. Any else can speak to this if I'm wrong.

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Hi @RedMototing the OfferUp platform is mostly setup for selling and buying on your phone 📱 app, but people browse OfferUp on their computers.
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good moring guys! thank you for your help and time. if this is the case then i think offerup should update this feature. thx again everyone!

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Thanks for helping @Hotrod! And thanks for the feedback @RedMototing on letting us know that's something you'd want to see us implement in the future Smiley Happy 

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Yes, from desktop is great! Nice big pictures of items wanting to buy. But I'm getting to post to sell a bunch of stuff. While it's most conveinent on cell, it's, for me anyway, to also have that function on my laptop. Thanks for your support.