How can I post items from my desktop and from my iPhone?

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Wow this post was originally from 2017, and still no option to list and browse on a Computer??

Although it may be convenient to Offer Up on a mobile device, I would still like to post things for sale using my laptop with real keyboard and 17" screen.

I guess I'll just install an Android emulator on this laptop and then download the Offerup app from Google Play Store.

I've tried using Bluestacks a while back, but think I'll give a different Android emulator this time. I just found MEmu. Google it. Smiley Happy

@Offerup - You really are loosing out on a lot users not being able to buy and sell from their computers. Smiley Sad

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The smoothest running Android version is just running a vanilla flavor of Android on VMWare or VirtulaBox. Currently, I have Oreo 8.1 on VMware and it works great.


I also usethe iPhone Simulator on my Hackintosh to run iOS apps. The iOS version of the OfferUp app is more robust.



I have a Chromebook I was finally able to download the app. it took me a while but I finally got the pictures downloaded. I went to Google photo chose the photo I wanted. when open the three little dots on the side gives you an option to download to files. so I downloadedfor individual photos that way then when I press the button to select photos  they were there. so basically you are downloading photos to your files from Google photos.

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NOPE - asks me to download gthe app........

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Asks me to download an app and wants my email. Does not work on my Mac

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Does not work on my Mac. Clicking on the camera icon- I get the same window as clicking on "sell" - it asks me to download the ios app and asks for my email address or phone number. Very stright forward - AND does not work.

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NOT! Do you happen to have a Mac sitting next to you? Has anyone with a Mac gotten this to work?

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Same with the Mac platform. Any Mac users on here?

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I have tried Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome on my Mac. All fail the same way as the Linux platform.

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This is in testing. It is not out for everyone. Only a small % of users see this.