How can I post items from my desktop and from my iPhone?

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Seeing as how this was solved (Kinda), there is a way to post from your desktop because i do it all the time , just gonna leave this snipet of info for whoever elese has this question ..So first things first , google android emulaters , I use Bluestacks, this is the best emu i have found , if you have a decent enough computer it will run it pretty smoothly , and will give you the ability to post from a desktop  inside the emu itself , Its kinda tricky at first because you import the pics you have from windows to the emu , Also the playstore is available , once emu is installed , then install offer up just like you would install on any other android device , and boom!!!

on your way to posting from desktop......Happy Posting All

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I have the same problem, I take the picture with a DSLR camera and Inhave the pictures on my pc, I need work from my pc ... how can I do this ?
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I believe the answer to your question was the last post before you asked @fongstore.


If that doesn't work for you, I would answer, you can't do it. Download from the PC to your phone and do it that way.

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Yeah and images will still be compressed.

I get trying to post ads with better quality pictures, but generally a phone ~16MP is more than enough and not bad at all.
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This obviously wasn't thought out very well... What developer would exclude people that work on both platforms?!?!  Someone @offerup needs to add this feature like yesterday!  

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Hi @fongstore welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,i am curious,,,,,why do you take pictures with your dslr camera instead of using the app on your phone?,,,,,,,,,, i guess im trying to understand why when using an app that works great from our phones,,,,designed to work from our phones ,,,,,,,,,,,,,that one needs to have a phone or at least a mobil device for it to work smoothly for meetups,,,,,,,,,,why do so many want it to work from their computers? I personaly dont have smart phone,,,,,,,,i use an android tablet,,,,,,,,,I guess what i am asking is ,,,,,,,is there something wrong with using a smart phone that i dont know about?

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Welcome to the Community Forums @chefs.
It's an old topic now which has been responded from OfferUp staff. It was thought out, to be exactly what it is. A mobile app. With some limited desktop use. Again, using a desktop makes it easier to move files, write descriptions, and generally have a larger platform to see and edit easier. I would prefer that as an option. But that's not what this is. If they do make this available, don't expect it anytime soon.
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I as a photographer can take much better photo's with my dslr.... and good pictures are critical to selling items fast. without the option to post with a computer, I'll stay with craigslist & letgo.....  too bad 'cause I like offer up much better than letgo....

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Ok using a desktop computer and not even seeing where i can post a message. It states go to board and click "new Message" however not seeing that anywhere#*&#@

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I have used Bluestacks before, while it does work very well, it will eat up your resources. As this is the only option I guess it is what I will have to do.