How can I post items from my desktop and from my iPhone?

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Not everyone owns an Android phone. 

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Thanks OfferUp for now seperating stuff from our search... my eyes are also thankfull!


It looks like there are no "enter search term here" available for pickup in your area. Have it shipped to you instead!

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Please add the feature to post from desktop so we can add more items
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Use BlueStacks as an alternative.
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others have said you can't do a post, selling, on a DESK TOP COMPUTER??  You are the only one that said you CAN do it.  Any directions or tip to do on DESK TOP?  




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I am a dinosaur on phone technology, but pretty good on my DESK TOP.  Is it my understanding that you can NOT post a sell on DESKTOPS???


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You can do a couple things on Desktop, posting is not one of them I don't think as of now.

Various possible reasons for this. Spam, security etc.

Read back some posts on the topic.

You can use the Bluestacks alternative I mentioned.
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Bluestacks is a windows only emulator.   I run linux.   I can use a different emulator, but that's really a clunky solution.


The capability to post from a computer REALLY needs to be implemented.  I now understand why so many posts are tiny crappy little pic with no information whatsoever.

I was baffled how someone would think its a good idea to only post a pic and no details that a buyer would need.


I have sent numerous messages to posters asking for info and indicating to them they might want to include some useful information..  Now I see why its happening.  Creating a post from the phone  creates enough hassle that the posting party will cut corners.


It's ok to allow posting from a phone but to require it from everyone is a horrible design.



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Using cellphones is "secondary."  Who would make an app that WON'T work on computers or tablets?!  Who created "offer up?" Some 5-year olds (who can't play past their thumbs)?  50% of your business is missing since ppl cannot get on the site.   Annoying to go thru so much trouble trying to LIST an item for sale, when it is impossible.. but NO 'pop up' message telling you this.   



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@annaWoods Everything I do in OU is on a tablet! Its the only device I have. So maybe there's some type of problem that can be fixed. There's a lot of sharp people here in the forum I'm sure one them will have an answer if you take a few minutes and let them help.

I know your probably pretty angry and frustrated right now and I don't blame you but if you give it a chance I'm sure we can help you get through this