How can I remove an item listed?

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I've been posting hundreds of items and sometimes I want to repost. I noticed archive feature and was using that but than someone would contact me when that item I already sold later and forgot I archived that since I cant delete. I'd rather not hit sold when it wasn't sold either since all I need is to delete when I want to take down, hit sold when item is sold, and archive when keeping track of the sold items.
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Hey there @Otis1! For items you no longer want listed, you can unlist them or archive them. Here's our Help Center article on how to do so!

Archive or unlist an item on OfferUp


Otis has been using the archive function to relist the same item, so that it appears on the TOP OF THE FEED (rather than promoting). He can't seem to keep track of which items are sold and "not sold" within his archived folder because he has 100's of items, hence he is trying to explain the desire to have a DELETE option.

Level 9
Yes correct, however what I noticed is to better manage my items (400+) sometimes more - it gets overwhelming since I do shows like Brimfield, Flea Market sales, fairs and Craigslist so some items might slip through the cracks when I forget to mark sold or I relist. Now before when I archived an item that I've forgotten to check back at I've reposted at a lower price and forgot that I archived it and someone saved the item it gets all messed up on every level! For instance if I click sold on the item that was listed twice (one archived) another buyer is asking why did I not delete it if I sold it??? I mention I did, or it may confuse a buyer as to what price is it since by accident 2 were listed. We really need to have delete feature for those that are selling 100"s of items so we can manage better and not confuse the buyer or seller. Craigslist lets you display, delete, edit, repost. Now you guys are different in many ways but I must say I like Craigslist delete feature however it still displays all the old posts of listings going back many years to (you the seller) not the buyer.


OfferUp wants people to spend $$$ on the promotion feature, rather than the method you are using to repost items. It would work against OfferUp to implement a "delete" button.


FYI, people have been asking for the delete option since its inception...don't hold your breath.

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How do you repost an item on OfferUp without promoting it? I no longer see a bump or repost feature