How can I stop unwanted messages from online retailers?

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I have started receiving messages from online retailers who appear to be watching what I look at and offering me new products based on what I’ve clicked on. It is annoying, intrusive and just plain creepy. From looking at some of the complaints about messaging, it does not appear that Offer Up does much to address problems like stalking (which is against the law) or ways that users can protect or manage their message accounts. PS: Offer up posted that the online retailers messaging me use “cookies” and asks me to click OK, instead of offering the option to not accept..

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Hey there @Carollynn7!
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Also, have noticed this very recent occurrence in the OfferUp app.
🚫 Unsolicited Ads in my PM's Messages 👎
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@REMEMBRANCE I have had this same talk a few times. I know OfferUp has to make money. So ads. It’s the price we pay. 

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Understood... @Jones68
These are new to my viewing ads, and are only in my PM's from recent view inquiries.
Received a PM re: an antique tea cup (new, mind you).
Anywhooo... it pops up within 5-10 after I PM'd a seller regarding... you guessed it!
"An Antique Tea Cup" lol
Still haven't been able to figure out how to delete the PM 😆

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@REMEMBRANCE WOW! No. I have not gotten any in a PM yet. That’s just wrong. 

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@REMEMBRANCE Have anyone said anything about this? I can see ads but not in your PM. I get them in the main window. Where we search. I even get them when people reply that they want to buy. But never in a PM.

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In total agreement!
Finally got used to seeing them in the main feed.
(In the beginning, OU was ad free in the app)
Now, more ads to delete or clutter up Hidden Messages. This is why am not a big fan of Mass Media!
Would rather be experiencing something "Fun" myself, rather than watch other people having "fun!!"
😉 🎬
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@REMEMBRANCE I agree with that. I didn’t think they would put them in our PM, I get them in messages all the time. I’m not having fun now. Wonder if @Hotrod or Mj_206 would have a answer for the PM ads. 

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@REMEMBRANCE Going out now on my date. My daughter is taking me out to lunch. I’ll check back in later tonight.

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Hope your Daughter & Daddy lunch date is memorable! Too cute!