How do I set up shipping optoons?


I’m new to this app and tried to set up my first item for sale but when I get to the last screen it only asks for my location, and I don’t see a way to offer shipping.  I don’t want to meet people to sell my items (particularly considering the 9.9% fee for the privledge of selling here!  Holy wow!).  How do I set up shipping options?

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Shipping may not be available in your area yet?
You should see the shipping option when setting your location... =/
I’m having the same issue- my app is not giving me the option to ship...shipping doesn’t show up anywhere as an option when listing an item, and I’ve tried everything OfferUp Support suggested (update app, delete and restart app, verify email). So I guess I’m just not allowed to ship right now... 🤷🏼‍♀️ must be a bug or something wrong with the app. It’s frustrating.