How do I stop getting emails f

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I hate getting emails from EVERY single replay and every time I report a post. How do i turn off email notifications. 

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@Jacob1234 Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Jacob1234 there’s no way at this time,
that I know of to stop those kind of email
notifications when reporting posts. but yes if you reporting hundreds of posts like I do every day and getting hundreds of email notifications from OfferUp., I see you’ve point., I just move those kind of emails to my OfferUp folder.,
the only time I turned of my notifications is so I can get some sleep lol, I use the do not disturb feature on my iPhone., I get buyers trying to message me from midnight till I get up in the morning., I’ll definitely pass on your concerns next time I’m giving feedback to the developers, when I’m testing new features on the live app. see you around the forum. 😎🇬🇧

also if you want someone to respond to you put this @ in front of their usernames like I did to your username above. Hope to see you around the forum.
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Wow... Maybe thats why this app isnt really taking off. Plus the fake ads. I just logged on and the first 8 vehicles are Fake ads with spam. And everytime I report them, I get ANOTHER email..... Do you work for offerup? Because they need to really listen to users and find out why people dont use it...

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We listen, @Jacob1234 Smiley Happy It's what these forums are for!

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@Jacob1234 I’m one of people on testing app team, we test all the new features giving our feedback how they work on the live app., we also can give ideas in our feedback to the developers at any time. like Mj_206 said OfferUp is listening 👂, and like any feedback from there members ., as for working for OfferUp, I’ll let @Mj_206 Community manager answer that question. lol, how about adding a new buttons feature when reporting an issue. You would have the choice of “no” or “yes” button to receive an email response from OfferUp when reporting a post or person., Jacob1234 what do you think.?

Hi Ya'll,

This is my first time messaging on this board and I am also a brand new user of OfferUp.  I have now sold a few things and overall really like it, but I have one BIG complaint - I'm being swamped with unwanted emails driven by every little comment that anyone writes to me!  I'm getting so many my inbox is filling up and I'm missing important email and I consider this such a significant problem that I'm considering looking at other online marketplaces because, from what I'm seeing here, there isn't a way to turn off these ridiculous emails.

In fact, I don't understand the logic in why OfferUp would even want to include this annoying feature as it's just not helpful for someone selling or buying occasionally as a part time thing.  Getting notifications on my mobile device is plenty!  Maybe full time professional buyers/sellers don't use their email for anything else, but I'm not in that boat and am finding this issue to be a serious problem.

I am going to look at my email client and see if I can automatically route these messages to a dedicated OfferUp folder so I don't even see them in my Inbox.  If that doesn't work, I guess the only thing to do is to either create a new email address and change my profile (and miss important messages from OfferUp) or quit OfferUp altogether.  Sound right?