How do l delete a posting l no longer want up?

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You cannot delete ads currently, but you can archive / unlist

To do this, you go to your Offers tab → hold down on the ad you want gone and choose Archive
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Hi @Ima-1
Just to add to goblin,
How do I archive an item?
Archiving an item automatically unlists it, which removes it from future search results and from your Selling tab. It also removes all notifications from your notifications tab.
To archive your items and messages:
1. Open up ‘My Offers.’
2. Tap either the Buying or Selling tab to find the item you’d like to archive.
3. Tap the post and select ‘Archive’ from the menu.
The post will be moved to the Archived folder, and any associated message threads will be removed from your Alerts page as well but will always be accessible.
Note: Individual messages can't be archived
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I wanted to delete it so I can repost it up, so it can show at top again. What is the best way to go about that?
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@Ima-1 Hi! You are not allowed to delete an item. You can archive, and repost, but remember that our system detects duplicates and they probably will be removed. It's always best to Bump your item if you want it back to the top of the feed. More info here

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Hi how do i cancel a 3 day trial period. I havent receive expected response so i want to cancel it but I dont see how? Please help before my card get charged $20 thanks!