How do you cancel a transaction as a buyer?

I must have accidentally got make offer instead of turning off my phone as I had intended. So I don't have the option to cancel the offer, then the seller, who is someone I know decided to accept the offer even though they messaged me and told me they're not shipping it and I need to cancel it so their rating doesn't go down. Well I don't have that option so in the meantime offerup stole $400 from my bank account. I had made a offer way long a ago that was never accepted but I didn't realize offer up stored my info and could charge my account without confirmation. Since customer service is non existent and the automated system won't allow me to file a claim until I receive the package that isn't coming how am I supposed to get my money back? Also, why isn't their an option to cancel an offer before it's accepted or before it ships. They sent me tracking info at first said it should of be delivered today but updated to ready for pick up by UPS so I don't know what's up with that but my ability to file a protection claim is directly linked to that tracking info so how long do I have to wait for a refund and how does a company like this expect to be able to take people's money without any accountability to the customer from start to finish? I've never had an issue until now but I see that it's a joke getting a hold of anyone so this is the last time I go to offer up.

You cant , that's the same problem im in now ...and offerup wont even respond back to me ! so im find of mad right now so same problem


Since the seller has accepted the offer, only the seller can cancel the transaction. You can refer to the below link for more details.


ok it just got canceled and it says " your money has been refunded" is it already in my account



@caronbryant11 wrote:

ok it just got canceled and it says " your money has been refunded" is it already in my account

On the average, it will take 5-10 biz days for the redund to show up on your bank ledger balance.


I have yet to hear anyone receving a refund quicker than 4 biz days (does not include Sat/Sun)