How do you deal with forum trolls?

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Fortunately, it’s easy to spot an Internet troll from a distance. They have their own sets of socially unacceptable behaviors.

Trolls generally use provocative and confrontational language. A clever one will mix it up with relevant and friendly posts.
Trolls hardly ever stick to the topic; they beat around the bush with the intention to confuse the reader.
Trolls of the subtle variety flag off their attack with innocent questions. You will often find them dressed up as new members of forums and chat rooms.
Trolls lack understanding of a topic. They will not respond with a proper answer to a proper question.
Trolls use web addresses or fictitious online identities that lead to dead ends.
Trolls may make desperate efforts to make themselves liked. Sugar coated responses or overt-flattering comments are signature troll moves.

Do you have a magic potion to use against them? Do you think they are a menace or do you believe that it’s all harmless fun? Tell us (but don’t troll) in the comments. 🎣
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Chad the troll just wants a place to crash, but you need to remind him that he can't — in a polite manner.

If he gives you sass, don't feed him or he'll never want to leave.

He'll get hooked on your choice Mac & Cheese and Potato Salad

"You need to remind him that he can't — in a polite manner." Yes. Exactly! We want this place to be a friendly, welcoming place for all and we will not tolerate people who don't follow our Community Guidelines. So please report them if they are not following those guidelines so we can keep this a fun and informative place for all of the members that are here now and for all of those that are to come Smiley Happy

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Avoid arguments: If you do get on a one-to-one with someone you suspect to be a troll, keep your remarks to an absolute minimum. State your facts and move on. Put the ball in their court. By the second remark or so, a troll would have identified himself.
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These guys are horrible. On some invite only sites on the web, we ban people like that. It’s just a thing every site deals with.
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Very interesting and informative
@Hotrod. You just "Schooled" me in a totally foreign and unexplored arena.
Appreciate the post ☺
qq: Did that post sound too trolly?
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LoL @KSARASARA I cant believe you wouldnt know about trolls,,,,,,,,,you fish,,,,,,,,interesting old post you dredged up,,,,,,,personaly i dont understand how some people define trolls,,,,,,,,,,,,many times i have seen ones that i think are trolls,,,,,,,people that make comments that bait others into responding,,,,,,,,,accuse others of being the trolls,,,,,,,,,,and many times i think the one doing the accusing is the actualy troll,,,,,,,and when people talk about trolls,,,,,,,most times they dont mention who they are speaking about ,,,,,,,,,so the ones reading all think t he person is talking about the other guy.,,,,,,,,cyclomatic called me a troll in here one day,,,,,,but i am pretty sure he trolls me sometime mentioning my id and saying something he  knows im gonna disagree with.,,,,,,,,i had not seen this ;post before,,,,,,but i do remember seeing part of what hotrod posted,,,,,,,bye someone else,,word for word

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Great topic @Hotrod.
My personal opinion is, try not encourage them, once it becomes apparent. Once they've found a comfort zone it's tough to get rid of 'em. Often the majority of post, they make all about themselves. They use passive agressive techniques while attacking others. Also, they love to step on others topics and just disrupt whatever conversation is going on.

@KSARASARA your too kind too notice.
It's behavior that should not be encouraged. It hurts us in trying to grow the Forums. Scares newbies and turns people off.
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Your best bet is not to engage with trolls, because there’s usually more than one waiting in the wings to jump in and back up the trolls conversation, always report any inappropriate behavior to @Elin Community manager right away, through private messaging.