How do you deal with forum trolls?

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I absolutely looovvveeee this community. If anyone is ever having troubles with trolls or anything - reach out to me Smiley Happy that's why I'm here after all!

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Thank you. Spoken as either or both must RESPECTED Soldier and Our Civil Servants (innocent smile).
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@Hotrod, excellent post! Trolls are all over the internet and unfortunately they make there way over here. I also like to say in general--watch out for strangers who private message you out of the blue. You do not have to respond to them. That person could very well be a troll. It could also be someone who is looking for a date or someone who is trying to sell you something. For the nice people out there, please don't respond to them, if you do you may instantly regret it. Keep PM's to people you have been interacting with and be considerate when using it. Thanks again Hotrod, this is a very good post!
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Once I identify someone as a troll or someone that doesn't have an interest in the item they're messaging me about, I just cease communication with them. If it's something inappropriate, then I will report and block them. The best rule of thumb with trolls is don't feed them. That's what keeps them going. They almost always stop when you stop messaging them back.
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Great advice, @SherylR!!

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I just ignore them it's pretty easy think about they are talking **bleep** online
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They also have a group of others just like them who will follow each other and cudo all their replies! Even when they are way off topic and doing nothing good for the discussion, usually only chiming in after reading only part if your reply or not even reading it at all sometimes. This is why most of the reasonable people who have something to offer will simply not even bother posting anything in any forums or chat type areas. Their ideas or help they offer will go unnoticed and usually will just end up with somebody arguing about nothing and render the topic pointless even when it may be a very good topic or they are simply trying to post information that needs to be told to inform others about things they have personally encountered. These types of posts are not posted for discussion or to be argued, they are telling others what to expect when something happens so others can try to avoid bad situations or how to remedy problems correctly or what not to do or expect in certain situations.

But with so many ruining the chat forums designed to inform, many valuable posts will never be seen, I know I don't bother posting anymore, it's always the same no matter where or what the chat forums is for or about, if it's ebays chat or any others it's always the same frustration, the same needless, pointless arguing and replies that have nothing to do with the post or they have nothing good to add to the discussion. So why waste your time even trying?
Notice how a post that offers nothing will take off while posts that have a huge amount of information but are not meant for opinions will go relatively unread?
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I can easily define what I believe to be a troll, someone who posts replies on other people's topics mostly and has posted over 1000 repies in a year or to put it on a day to day use, posts every single day with more than 2 posts! And might use a lot of extra commas?
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You Are exactly correct! Plus I have found 1 that must have been friends with a moderator, as I asked this person to stop sending me messages and stop leaving replies to my posts, after they continued to send me 20 unanswered private messages, I sent one telling them I was going to report them and block them but found no way to do this, they talked to their buddy and had me reported as if I wAs the problem! But then I wrote to both of them that if this continues I'm reporting them both directly to offer ups staff and have that moderatir removed for the way they handled this situation, without doing any investigation (simply reading the messages and seeing I wAs the one who was asking them to stop and to quit sending obscene messages, while I was the one they were ready to repremand!
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Read my last post and rethink that entire wAy of thought!