How do you deal with forum trolls?

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I haven't heard someone use the term 'troll' since like 2006. I also haven't noticed anyone acting like one in the forums, though I hope that people realize the difference between 'a troll' and a disagreement. 

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@Hotrod So funny. Not the trolls but yes the trolls. The grandkids were watching some movie with my wife and it had Trolls. And I was reading this at the same time. Just a little light humor. 

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😂 @Jones68 that’s great! yes that troll movie my kids love it also! Thanks for checking out my thread. 👍😎🇬🇧🔚
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@Hotrod Thanks. I always check yours and goblin and Mj. Seems to be the best info. You guys have showed me a lot. Hey! Good reading too! LOL!  Have a great day.

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Dang....I've been spending lots of time learning, responding, asking, trying to encourage when I can, reported a few things, & sad to say am spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME on this app lately....😮 Does this constitute trolling?
I'm not socially unacceptable. I am trying to grow here. I've taken a few nasty hits. NEVER EVER THOUGHT THERE WERE TROLLS HERE but now that it's come up-why not-they're everywhere...L11

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@L11 I spend a lot of time on these forums myself.! spending time in these forums doesn’t constitute trolling. Just shows other members how you feel about the forums and it’s members. Please If you ever feel your being harassed or put down definitely report those types of behavior. So the appropriate action can be taken.
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Aww, @L11 you are not a troll at all!!!! Definitely report any posts or users that aren't following the community guidelines and I'll be sure to review Smiley Happy

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@Hotrod @L11@Mj_206 Your not a troll! Hotrod and I have seen them! Just read our last few posts. Just a little hummer to make the day good. LOL! On a serious note, Hotrod and Mj_206 are right. Report them and don’t feel bad about it.