How do you deal with forum trolls?

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I haven't heard someone use the term 'troll' since like 2006. I also haven't noticed anyone acting like one in the forums, though I hope that people realize the difference between 'a troll' and a disagreement. 

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@Hotrod So funny. Not the trolls but yes the trolls. The grandkids were watching some movie with my wife and it had Trolls. And I was reading this at the same time. Just a little light humor. 

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😂 @Jones68 that’s great! yes that troll movie my kids love it also! Thanks for checking out my thread. 👍😎🇬🇧🔚
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@Hotrod Thanks. I always check yours and goblin and Mj. Seems to be the best info. You guys have showed me a lot. Hey! Good reading too! LOL!  Have a great day.