How do you handle lowballers?

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I can’t imaging selling cars in New New Yorkers!!   

Dang!    You have to have nerves of titanium 

i have never lowballer anyone.   

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I report lowballers and block them.   Just rude!!!! To make a low offer

keeps things in a termoil here.    Not to mention inconsiderate 

Be nice an always make a considerate offer that you feel comfortable with....anything less is wrong

I sleep well at night because I never lowball on prices

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I am so tired of lowballers.  I've tried putting in the ad the price is firm or no lowballers, clearly these people don't read our ads.  So lets try this response:


1. $40?  Your mother offered me a lot more than that for my services last night

2. $40?  How about I drop it to $1 and deliver it 20 miles away to your area in heavy traffic.  I will help you set it up in your home, cook you dinner, and vacuum your house.  

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I just put in my item description lowball offers will be ignored.
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What I do now is just put a firm price. I still get offer though, but they are reasonable.
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That’s a wast of your time.
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I am on offerup as a buyer and a seller.
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Your on offer up homie! That was the initial design of this app, however yes there is a firm button some people tend to ignore and just lowball the heck out the item. However, were doing biz, and that person is interested... I don't get offended or get aggressive with them, I simply done biz in the streets and you have to find a medium. The first offer is never the best or final one..... if just tell them the price is,firm or the minimum of take. Your pretty much letting a prospectful client go away. Also a big simple "NO" works too, they'll keep bugging if they interested. Now some dude did offer me a 84 banged up Vette for my 2016 Elantra GT which is almost brand new. There's alot of dreamers on the app as well, I take it for what it is, like a lil flea market, and the best offer might win the day. Cheers from Miami!
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I’m also a buyer and a seller.   A lot of times I do not even ask for less... but if I do I NEVER lowball.   I would never think of offering 75%less than asking...let alone 50%.     I usually go around 10% and sometimes 20%.  But I just don’t lowball.   


Have a a great evening my friend 

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I would use firm,  but I try to leave a little wiggle room in everything I post....just because people want it for less.   But I’m not having a half price sale.   Now sometimes if it’s been on for a while and I delete and repost l will drop price and take my loss