How do you handle lowballers?

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There are a few ways I handle this. If I have a set price in my head that I'm willing to come down to, I will tell the buyer I apologize but I can't go that low, then state the amount I'm willing to take. If the offer is ridiculously low, I respond saying I appreciate the offer, but can not go that low. There's no need to waste time when our prices are so far apart If it is something that has been hard for me to sell and I get a low offer I normally say, sorry I can't go that low, what is the max you are willing to pay? I normally sell items that are new, sealed in the box, or in excellent condition, I also thoroughly search the web looking for the lowest price on my item, if it's from a smaller eBay seller I'll take 5% off the lowest price I could find. If it's a larger seller like Amazon, Best buy, ect then I take 10% off. In my message to the seller I reinforce that I have listed the brand new item for 5%/10% below the lowest price on the web. I also never list something close to what my bottom selling price would be, so I hold power and room to negotiate also.
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@Lisajae  I do the same thing. I look up what I’m selling before I list it. I agree with you 100 percent. 

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I agree with your response. I like that you include, “price is firm” , in your listing. I will be including that in my next description.
I also, will include, ship only through Offer Up.
What ever the experience, there is no need to be rude, or speak poorly about another member. If your experience was so hostile, that you never want to communicate with them again, then block them.
I see blocking a member as a virtual restraining order. In that, once it is done, you never have to do business with them again. I have been wondering, if there is a way to reverse the blocking? I have also, been wondering if there is a way to reverse a written review of your experience with a member? I ask this because, sometimes things can go south after the purchase. Things could also, go well after a bad experience. Or, A person, may just have a change of heart, after they have cooled down.
In any case, low ball offers, should be expected on Offer Up. Why, it is just the nature of the beast. People, always want the best deal that can get, especially in our current economy.
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@semperfiinca--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! This is a great opportunity to interact with others and sharing your thoughts!!

We have all encountered the potential buyer who expresses interest, asks you to lower the price, & you do only yo never hear back. Instead of discouraging you, use those experiences to drive you moving forward. Stay positive & be clear of your expectations--eventually you will hopefully receive less "window shoppers" & more buyers. I wish you all the best!!
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@Hi-there  So right!

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Depends on the time of day. If it's a crazy low-ball at 4am, ignore them. If it is prime selling time and gasoline outweighs the cost of meeting, flag them and move forward!
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The hit, you are speaking of, sounds like a knock out hit, to the chin. E-Bay did something similar to me, a long time ago.
I complained. Wow, was that a mistake!
Enough time, has past, for me to revisit what happened. The memory, still hurts, just not as much. I am back in the saddle, and taking another round on the salesman life.
It sounds strange but, sometimes it is better, to be wronged, then to be right.
Keep your chin up and swim upstream, with the rest of us. You have my best wishes 😎
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Well said! Well said!
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Clap clap. Good for you
Do you really block them? Even if they low ball by like 5-10 bucks on an item 60-100?