How do you handle lowballers?

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Wow! There is a ton of feedback and discussion related to low offers on these forums. There are several threads with great conversations going, some of which can be found here and here. We're constantly listening to the feedback we receive and are working on ways of improving this user experience. 


Low offers may be frustrating, seem rude to some, or maybe you are one of the rare people that like getting low offers because you get a thrill out of negotiating. Regardless of your stance on these offers, we want to know how you best handle them. Give us your best tips below and you might even land yourself in our next blog!


Remember - everyone is entitled to their own opinions on low offers, so keep that in mind Smiley Happy


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I agree @Fckwuthnk, there is a vast majority, it would seem, who don't have much experience buying in this format who lowball and waste time without serious intentions. Sometimes, it can be obvious, sometimes not. Then you've got a flood of lowballers who are the resellers that only care about making profit off your items. It amazes me how disrespctful some can get bwcause you don't want to support their program.
There are times when donating items are far better than dealing with some of the hassles associated with lowballers. For items like I usually sell, brand new, I just find a better buyer elsewhere as needed.

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Ok @Mj_206, you've twisted my arm...Man Tongue


I'm well documented on this but my policy is to never be rude. Either point out my item is brand new (because most of my items are) and priced $XXX below usual price, or remind them my price is marked firm.

When I price items firm, I state it in the first line of my description as well as check the box. I counter, usual very close to asking but that's when some get very nasty, and I just report as needed. I don't get into much, just "thanks, have a nice day".

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Same as cyclomatic.

I see no reason to respond negatively or be condescending.

"Sorry, but $_____ is the lowest I'm willing to go. Let me know if you're still interested."

Wouldn't you want something cheaper too?

If there's a small chance of it happening I say go for it.

The best way to get a better price and an honest reply is to ask, "what is the lowest you'll accept."


It's strange to me that the option "Made a low offer" is on the list of reasons when blocking another user.
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Hi @goblin! I like this feedback. What would you rather see? Any other ideas we can use? 

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I just end up blocking Them That way then I don’t have to worry about them anymore..
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Same here. All my prices are marked firm and I'm already selling for less than local thrift shop prices. I block anybody who makes a less than asking price offer. I've sold 35 items, all at asking price.
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I totally agree
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I buy and sell cars as my 2nd income. Pays pretty good if you know what you doing. I'm telling you guys none of you met lower ballers and time wasters until you start selling cars in New York.
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Hah! I bet you have some stories, @nagibator

Check out this post over here and tell us how you got started Smiley Happy

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I for one am I guess a lowballer if the item is not checked or stated firm I want a deal just like us all. Never be rude just state if items are FIRM OR OBO. Now, what is a hard issue to deal with is when they are to pick up the item either it is a no show or suddenly they need it delivered and want a lower price too Smiley Sad I usually have luck eventually 3rd time is a charm right?