How do you handle lowballers?

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If someone low balls me significantly. I then look at their items and then low ball theirs. They usually go away after that cause they want deals, but don’t want to give them. Some ppl will trade. I gave a free nice wooden console away and I noticed she had a nice lamp, so I asked if we could trade it? She did, but it was slightly damaged, but I like it and appreciated the exchange back.
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I feel that app name "offer up" automatically makes people think they have a right to low ball people on prices. My experiences so far have been a few professional, honest, great sales. And some very rude, waste of time for those of us who strive to make sales, app, rep, experience, and activity with others here a bad experience.
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When I price a product, I'm often torn. I prefer to put a fair price on the product and list it as "firm" but I also k ow there are a lot of people who don't care as much about the price as they do getting money off. I almost feel like I could have charged 40% more if I asked double the price and conceded on negotiating.

I guess it's how you prefer to do business. I think I am going to stick to listing fair, firm prices but I am sure to explain that in my ad/offer. I mention there are probably less expensive items out there but mine are priced fairly and appropriately and I list why.

You have to keep in mind. It's the Internet and Some people are just trolls. I got a asked a question the other day. I forget specifically what it was but I answered honestly and the response I got was "you just lost a customer. I don't want you're nerd products anyway" (I remember thinking that I see 'your' used instead of 'you're' all the time but rarely the other way around.)

All I could think was "if the truth about a product scares you off, that says more about you as a consumer than me as a seller". I was tempted to say that but I realize there was nothing to be gained from saying it so I just said "okay thanks and good luck" and moved on.
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This is so true about electronics. Many People try to sell electronics for close to hat they bought it for.. Not what it's going for in the store.. Last year I spent $900 on a TV at BB and today a better version of that TV can be purchased new a BB for $450. I see the same set I have on this app for $500-600. It's not about what you paid for it. It's about what it's worth. Some people just don't comprehend the difference.
I agree..why deal with it..
I would block them don’t give them the time of day
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This is what I’m now doing. If the lowball Offer is insultingly low, I respond with: “your offer is ridiculously low. YOUR price is now - whatever $5 extra is onto the original posted price.” If they come back with a very slightly higher, still lowball offer, another $5. They usually quit pretty quickly.
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There are two types of buyers - a buyer that wants to use the item and a buyer that does not need or wants to resell the item. The latter are usually the low ballers. Low balling to me is offering a ridiculously low price on a item that has common used value. Example would be a PS4. A PS4 value is pretty common to accertain. It’s $300 brand new so used depending on condition could be from $150 and up. I’ve seen buyers offering $100 on a brand new console put up for sale. This buyer is obviously not interested in the item and will buy it if the seller is desperate to sell. This is a low baller.
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I once replied to a low offer that was way below my asking price. Majority of the time when I buy an item. I pay the asking price. I wouldnt want to insult anybody. I never negotiate so I asked this person "how do you figure offering me a price that is 50% lower than what Im asking would be alright?" Why? ." I truely was interested in their thought process. The guy had no rymn or reason. He honestly didnt think to hard about. He just thru out a number.
@Kitcar04 Sometimes I want to ask that same question. What makes me crazy is when I finally work out a lower price and they say, I don't have the money right now....