How do you handle lowballers?

Level 6

@Midnight0207 I always try to be nice. I buy and sell. I get lowballing all the time. I tell them thanks but no thanks. Thank you for your interest. If they are serious they will come back. Everything I sell is well below market price. I say no but I’m nice. You know sometimes you just have to laugh. I like your thinking. Good luck to you. 

Level 3

Omg....sooooo many times I have worked out a deal...only to be told, when I get the money.

for the love of God, why are they even looking when they do not have a dime to their name


Its very frustrating at times.....I’m holding a couple of items til  The first of march and im probably stupid for doing so.  But i may not get another offer, so im playing miss nice lady

Level 6

@Midnight0207 I know how you feel. Believe me, if you hold out a serious buyer will come along. I have to laugh sometimes. I’ve been offered all kinds of stuff. Told many stories and many no shows. But! I have sold things to serious buyers and the nicest people I’ve ever met. It was worth the wait. Hang in there.