How do you handle lowballers?

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I've had a tremendous amount of lowballers... Almost insulting, honestly... But i also once had a lovely lady pay me $10 extra for a crystal vase I was selling for far less than it was clearly worth... I've had ppl reneg, I've had ppl no-show, in fact, I'm in a bit of a pickle🥒 bc I became quite friendly w a gentleman I had much in common with. He was purchasing a large lot which I was giving him for basically next to nothing, after shipping. He expected me to send the items and was planning on mailing me cash upon receipt! Unfortunately I could not afford to take the chance on cash in the mail, he came to have health problems, and now the lot, which could have been posted for the past 5 weeks is sitting boxed!
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I have gotten some better prices for my things from my local pawnshop! Sometimes these people annoy me so much, I would rather take less from pawnshop or I donate to habitat for humanity resale store or my churches thrift store.
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the lowbaler offered 50% off my listed price

items are brand new and I know what they sell for on eBay


after I wrote "sorry, no"

1. she wrote had one already

after I wrote, "so you are lowballing?"

2. she wrote that she was just "making an offer"

after I said again it was a lowball

3. she wrote that since the item hadn't sell, that was her offer



She's a seller on OfferUp.

I hope karma bites her in the behind.

She's got 27 items on OfferUp.





I just dont respond my time way to valuable offer is a resonable number not 50% or more
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I occasionally sell used laptops that I fix up. I work in IT.


Some buyers expect to swoop in and buy the laptops at what I paid for it when the laptops were not working.

If they want to pay that low price, they can go buy non-working one and fix it up themselves!  It is not my job to provide FREE service for them. Get off your lazy butt and do the work.



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I agree that resellers are an irritation. I usually have name brand gently used items and the majority of offers are less that half of my sale price. If my items don't sell, I donate them to various charities.
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I ignore them and then block them. Arguing or lecturing people is just a losing proposition.
Agreed what I noticed is that if you change your name here on offerup to “Firm Prices” No loweballers” anything in that sort you ge takes Sales.... how’ve when they inquire I send them my welcome message with small 2 sentence disclaimer let’s them know my prices are firm BUT if I decide to lower the price and we both agree one aid price you must pick up same day.. if they don’t that tell me they’re not serious and just messing with my time I simply block them for wasting my time
Oh I would have been mad if they take my work and multiply it and make money off it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ it rarely goes well for me when they offer less then expect even lower price upon pick up with their excuse “I drove here from such such city” well you would drive the same distance if not further to go to the store 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ but just don’t pay tax buying from a person 🙄🙄🙄🙄 people always want a bargain which is fine but if your product is brand new they’re lucky to get it less than retail 😒😒😒😒😏😏😏 “nuff said
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Tell them to f*** off scrub loll jk but in all seriousness too many people lowball then try to act tough or cavalier about it. Just doont sell or respond to them they should get the message