How do you handle lowballers?

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Agreed. They are not worth the time of day. Most of their BS sob stories are exactly that:BS.
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I have never received a sob story with a lowball offfer. I get them with a tone of "entitlement", as if to say "yes, you are asking $60 FIRM for an item used once, that is $275 new. But..... since this is offerup, you must agree to take the $5 I am offering you". I actually would be more inclined to offer some flexibility in firm pricing if they asked in a nice way even with a sob story. Not $5 but possibly some discount.
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I get the sob story when we agree on a price and then we meet up and they bust out the sob story why they can only pay half of the agreed price. Everyone has some sob story ....I always decline.
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It happened again.


1/2 of my "firm" price.


not in the least suprised


DELETE offer without any hesitation


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@Greg1979   WOW! I never got a sob story at a meetup. Only one person said they didn’t have the money we agreed on. They said were 20 dollars shy. Asked me if I would take that. I got back in my truck and was leaving. Then they said they had the money. Now that’s BS! I counted the money before giving him my item. Amazing how fast he had all of it. 

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People will try many different things to get over. I have no problem driving away. 

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No sob stories.


Twice, the buyers have shown up with less money than the listed price.


This most recent transaction, I listed the item at $105.

No price was discussed during online portion of the communication.

When we met in person and he definitively agreed to buy it, he hands me a $100 bill.


I took the $100.


If its a reasonable offer ill consider,. Extreme low ball offers i counter with higher than my asking price
To be honest it’s OfferUp and I lowball folks all the time but hate to be lowballed so I ask in my description “no lowballers will be replied to”. Who doesn’t lowball and who like to be lowballed? Buy Low,Sell High... Just like Wall Street!!!!
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offer up = offer an item up for sale


it does not mean lowball app