How do you handle lowballers?

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I put PRICE IS FIRM on all my ads & also: Please do not contact me unless you're ready to pick up and purchase. Thank you!
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Great way to put it Thanks! I will add that to mine too Smiley Happy
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In the past i do the opposite and tell the cheapskate that they missed it and i sold the item for cheaper then what they are offering ,and wait for a good offer
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lol,,,,,,,,,,i think some people need more fiber in their diet,,,,lots more


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On each of my post I add either of the following
“Price is fixed. Lowballers will
be blocked”
“Lowballers will be ignored”

I am not scared to come off strict. I don’t like to waste my time on the wrong people.
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Like a total pushover. I could actually stand up for my work a little more. Sometimes I can keep my gameface and get my price, but most of the time I feel guilty for the price I ask and either sell it for a marginal profit or the sale falls through. I'm working on a balance. My advice is to STAY FRIENDLY, though, and keep the contact. Some of my best customers have come to me as word of mouth from some of my worst customers!!
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Hello @Beth_B   Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to the forums! Take a look around. Ask questions and contribute your insight. Hand out kudos and earn badges along the way.

STAY FRIENDLY is great advice.

Why do you feel guilty about your asking price? 

Get rid of sellers' guilt.

  • Research your items. What is the range of prices on the Internet?
  • Now, decide on your price point based on the condition of your item.
  • You did your due diligence now own it!
  • State your price and have confidence about your decision.
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Oh, my "seller's guilt" is clearly a tick I just need to get over, lol. Our area isn't exactly posh, so I feel bad for those who simply can't afford what they want. Target audience should definitely be kept in mind, but looks can be deceiving and I get it wrong a lot, lol. I've noticed the ones who never complained about my prices when I trained horses were the ones who I took as being middle class- the complainers were the ones whom I thought were loaded. To quote a page from my high school friend Ashley Longshore's recently published book: "Some women come to the studio with a $200,000 car a 7 carat diamond on their finger and a $10,000 handbag, and I'll think I'm about to hit the gold then they'll pick out a $5,000 painting and ask if they can pay it off over the next 6 months. They have no cash it's all a facade. Then I have a woman rolling up here in a Disney World sweatshirt and Crocs and I'm thinking this chick looks as crazy as a ****house rat but I come to find that she's a millionaire. Makes you realize when you've really got it you don't have to prove a thing. Women don't have to prove anything if you work and make your own money it's more about the cash than the Flash." 😝 I guess she handles lowballers by publishing a book and giving them a cameo appearance. 😁
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Hello @Beth_B

How did your sales go today?

You are absolutely right. The target audience should definitely be kept in mind when calculating your price point.