How do you handle lowballers?

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1st I'm like? Is this person for real? Then I'll say sorry, thanks for the interest though.
If someone low balls me i tell them " ok "
They ask me for an address.
I send them the address to chucke cheese and then block them
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Mendacious behavior @Littlemacknife !

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Price your item high when they offer you a lowball give them the lowest price. They should be glad if they are serious if not then block them
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Agreed with most here, be polite, thanks but the lowest I can go is... I try to be reasonable and am usually open to offers but mostly it's so low it's not worth the time/energy to work with the buyer. Honestly, I stopped using OfferUp for a while and uninstalled the app due to the amount of offers that were too low. After seeing the recent updates I decided to try again, especially since the option to ship is available.
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Hi @KellyBee welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,i dont let the low offers bother me ,,,,,,i either counter offer or just tell them no thankyou,,,,,,,,yesterday i told a guy ,well if i dont get my price , i will raise it and offer it on shipping,,,,,he changed his mind fast and paid me the full price within 45 minutes


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Nice work! Love when it works out like that! Smiley Happy
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Be polite and move on! I am The King of lowballing! And I only offer less because some people accept the offer. $5 game boys, $10 for wii, If you are looking for the most value for your item, I wouldn’t sell it on here.
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@Shupat,,,,,,mendacious,,,,,,,i lost a spelling bee over that word 47 years ago and you are the first person i have ever seen or heard use it since then.

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Welcome to the forums @Conor ,,,,,,i see making a lower offer as nothing but good stewardship over the money that God provides  me to use,,,,,,,,i try to spend it wisely.