How do you handle lowballers?

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I don't, to be honest. Or at least most the time I don't. If I have that the price is firm and they still come at me with a lower offer, I don't get it? Like it's right in the description of the item, so why come at me with something lower? I get it's their right and that's fine but it's also mine to just ignore it. Or I'll be polite and tell them "Thanks, but as said in the description I will not take less than said dollar amount." And if they're rude about or lowball me to the point it's just absolutely ridiculous, I'll have a little fun and go to their page and do the same to one of their items. Why not? They have no problem doing it to me.
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Agreed @Colts. It gets very ridiculous at times. If they become nasty, like,some lowballers are known to do, be sure to report 'am.
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I've found most are resellers. If I reply with a counter offer, they never respond.
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Bradm. Absolutely right. That's been my experience as well. There are many instances where they've admitted as much. No lowballer I've ever seen is interested in serious negotiations.
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-Ciao' Fellow O.C. (OFFERUP COMMUNITY) Members-
First, and ONLY response I use to an Offer that is Preposterous...
"We Are Not In Agreement"
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Why would a respected and trusted seller do that to someone just because they maybe asked if you were willing to sell something at a lower price, especially if the item has been offered for sale for a long time, or maybe the potential buyer saw it's been for sale for months or weeks, took a chance and simply asked if you were willing to sell it for the money they had, and it wasn't written as "firm" or "No response to lower offers"? Instead of simply being a jerk, why not just be classy, professional, and ignore them or even taking the time to say "no", but to tell someone you'll sell an item to them for a counter offer, then send them far away, wasting their time and laughing about it is what you and this app is all about? That it's considered perfectly fine behavior by the creators of this app is rather telling. I know some people can go through hard times and have limited funds but would still like to be treated like they are human beings. I guess a lot of people, sadly, just enjoy a lot of complaining, about truly no big deal things, considering what real problems are, and then further get enjoyment by abusing people, on top of the whining about little things. I'm glad I read this forum and this comment and that others think it's funny and normal behavior, and that any forum admin, if there even is one, also finds it just as acceptable to where nobody who read it, including any admin, was so worried about not being "internet liked" that they didn't even state, even in the least offensive way, as if teaching a five year old, maybe not to be so negative but rather suggest just to ignore the counter offer or block them if they persist. It doesn't cost anything to have a some class and be a decent human being. I asked a seller a simple question about an item he was selling, just a quick question about it. An hour later I get back to my device, because it isn't surgically attached to me, and because I have a life, the lunatic, who already sold several items, had sent me numerous responses, over and over, then resorted to sending me filthy insults and f bombs for not buying his item. There are many sellers that I have seen who act gross, and frankly, I can't imagine how much stolen property is being sold, especially in certain areas. Plus, so many sellers take horrible photos of an item and many times they lack a realistic description and gives the vibes of drug addicts or a lot of sketchy vibes. I hope the good souls who buy or sell NEVER go to a person's home they do not know, especially in a known high crime area. I guess that makes selling furniture and appliances a bit tricky but better safe than dead or attacked. 


I asked another buyer if he'd be willing to take off $20 due to how long an item was listed and a clearly the item needed maintenance. For less than $20 I could have bought the item brand new, with a warranty, but I kind of liked the color of the item, still, so I just asked. The seller was such a creep, and not just rude but a real creep. When one realizes, repeatedly, the kind of riff raff, or just trashy sellers they are dealing with, I'd never want to do business with them, let alone, go near them. It is, however, a reminder of the mentality of many sellers, at least in certain areas. I've bought from a really great seller, and many sellers seem ok but many are just gross, lack emotional maturity, self respect. It's not just buyers that have issues. Not in the least. Maybe do some critiquing on the too many immature, trashy, and rude people that are sellers, especially those who look like apartment or property managers selling items people left when they got evicted or moved out, since they do a lot of cash transactions by use of this and similar apps. Some ppl are ok but in certain areas, I just don't even bother. It would be nice if actual zip codes or city names could be blocked, or if we could simply block a certain seller simply because we never want to do business with them, rather than having to report them. 

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Hi @Aftermath welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,unfortunately i have to agree,,,,there are way to many bitter mean trashy people using the offerup app,,,,both buyers and sellers ,,,,,,its not any different than craigs list in that aspect,,,,,,,,just a different format,,,,,same people,,,,,,,i was told by one of the admin here in the forum that part of the reason for the forum was kind of to try to train people to be nicer,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,but thats definitly not the case,,,,,,,,,,,like you said ,a low offer ,,,,one should still be polite to ,,,,,,but one of our highest kudo members here actualy encourages the bad behavior toward low ballers,,,,,,,,myself i welcome all offers ,,,and for some i drop my price quite a bit,,,,for others i dont ,,,,,,,,,every transaction and every person is  different,,,,,,but i am polite  to all of my buyers no matter how they act,,,,,,,,,its just not that hard to be decent to everyone,,,,,,,,,,dont give up on people Aftermath.

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Its funny I tend to look for electronics such as computers, and tablets and such and I am sure that most of the people I send offers call me a lowballer.  I think most people are very disillusional about what they think they can sell old electronics for, like I bought a TV for $1k so should be able to sell it for $750 even though that was 10 years ago, and TV is now obselete.  And I think evenutally they give up and toss it.   

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@KellyBee great answer and Welcome back to OfferUp. 👍🏻👍🏻
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@Stuffedcabbage, great strategy. I bet you have something to share with OC Forums. Are you on OfferUp app buying or selling?
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