How do you handle lowballers?

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I, for one, am glad that reporting people who low ball is an option. Haggling is different than trying to take advantage of someone who is already going to get less than what they originally paid for it. If you ask for $25 on a $30 item, that is haggling. If you ask for $100 on a $500 item, that’s low balling. I recently had an item I was selling for $125 that I needed gone ASAP. I was going back and forth with a guy who didn’t seem too interested in paying that price. So when I didn’t get any better offers, I messaged him and told him he could have it for $50. He responded that he would pay $20. This is a low baller, and I didn’t hesitate to report him. I was left feeling disrespected and decided to donate the item to Goodwill instead because frankly, I’d rather it go to a good cause than a selfish person like that. I have had many similar interactions and I am close to not using this app anymore because of it.
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The art of negotiating is lost and many don't understand the difference between negotiating and lowballing. The common excuse is, "It's OfferUp", which makes no sense. Hang in there and continue to contribute your ideas and opinions on other topics.
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You might just want to ignore them and bite your tounge
I honestly just got kicked outta selling Jordans and Nike more then like by someone also selling shoes that seen me as a threat to him
But reported me to OfferUp and sad that OfferUp acts that way after encouraging us as sellers to block people that waste our time and effort with low offers
But yeah best to just bite your tounge and take the hit if not you won’t be able to sell because OfferUp will take the side of the people wasting other people’s time by offering you $10 on a $60 Item
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There needs to be some legitimacy before someone is banned.

On another note, your screen name would suggest our opinions don't matter?
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Ask them to give a realistic offer.
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Lol no I respect anyone and everyone’s opinions at all times
But like some of these people don’t seem to understand that yes we do sell items on OfferUp and some of us always are selling but this is not our source of money to feed our family or kids
We all have jobs and when you have a person offering you $10 on a Item you have posted for $60 and then ask you a million question and then doesn’t even intend to buy and one lil (yeah your wasting my time) go sumwhere else and yeah your banned from selling but won’t ban you from buying
And your actually selling nationwide and mking money for OfferUp
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It be nice if stopped there lol
(lol👍🏽) and to low but ty for the offer is not enough for them
Then it’s so what’s size are they
Is that woman or men’s size
Do you think thtd fit a 15 year old
What’s a 4Y in kids size
Those are just some of the dumbest questions and at the end of it
Yupppp take a good look I’m the bad guy over here
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I agree @Fckwuthnk, there is a vast majority, it would seem, who don't have much experience buying in this format who lowball and waste time without serious intentions. Sometimes, it can be obvious, sometimes not. Then you've got a flood of lowballers who are the resellers that only care about making profit off your items. It amazes me how disrespctful some can get bwcause you don't want to support their program.
There are times when donating items are far better than dealing with some of the hassles associated with lowballers. For items like I usually sell, brand new, I just find a better buyer elsewhere as needed.

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Agree w/Cyclomatic!
Giving Good... as always 👍