How do you stop OfferUp ads popping up as notifications?

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I’ve pretty much stopped using offer up for that reason. I turned off notifications to quit hearing the alerts of some irrelevant OfferUp ad.

Now I don’t get sales alerts in a timely way.

I have not deleted the app yet, but I’ve not listed anything in 6 months. Letgo and Craigslist have been filling the gap while I do run the occasional search on OfferUp. Fewer and fewer finds here in Austin TX as more people move away from the app

Why would OfferUp be so antagonistic to their users?

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Agreed, can’t stand the notifications. Crystal clear how they feel about their users.

Get with the program, OfferUp. People don’t have to put up with these types of nuisances anymore. We have options. We also have lives. Deliberately badgering and annoying your customer base is an absurd tactic in 2019. Have you not seen the people raging about unwanted calls etc in media lately? Everyone on the planet unilaterally hates this type of thing. Do better.


Like others, I simply searched Offer Up to determine a fair market price for a bike i had to sell...Suddenly, I am inundated with useless ads to BUY a bike....that is the LAST thing I wanted to do...the bike is long sold, but still I am relentlessly hit with notifications about Bikes to sell.   You can not simply BROWSE for items without then getting hit with notification ads to purchase said items.  It is about time the developers took responsibility for taking care of this singular black eye for the app.  It is so bad that it can drive the desire to remove the app, even though there are future items to sell.