How do you stop OfferUp ads popping up as notifications?

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I want to keep getting notifications from my offers. But do not want OfferUp to send me their ads.
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The *cha ching* notifications?

You cannot dissallow that at the moment, maybe they'll give users options in the future.


Under your profile go to the gear icon, then Push Notifications and disallow them.
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@TimS1 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Thanks for sharing, like goblin explained there’s no way to stop the pop up advertising notifications feature as of right now, but I’m glad to pass on your comment with the developers next time, I’m give my feedback of new features in beta testing. 😊
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Those notifications are really annoying. If I am gonna sell something I know that I have offerup. Why does this app keep bugging me consistently. Looking for an alternative just because of this. If I disable notifications, The app becomes useless. Which means I will delete the app as soon as I am settled with an alternative.
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I agree. I'm this close to deleting the app since I can't disable these notifications specifically.

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@firewaller goto phone setting > apps and disable sound notification from there. Only sound alert I get is when buyer send me messages. All other gets ignored.
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@Dad_Tired Thanks! For iPhone it was Settings -> Notifications -> OfferUp -> disable sound, but we'll see if that works.

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Agreed. I searched for propane tanks several weeks ago so that I could get a price to sell a propane tank that I actually wanted to sell. Now every few days I get a notification that there are propane tanks for sale in my neighborhood. I don’t want propane! Now I have to get a new app to quickly sell products like this...
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I absolutely hate the “For You” notifications!!! With a passion! Those notifications are identical to messages from customers. When I see the notification, I excitedly think someone wants to buy my stuff only to be sorely disappointed that it’s a stupid ad! It makes me want to delete the app and use LetGo!
I've just discovered this issue. I cannot edit nor delete this stupid "ad" for a sponsored product. Shows as a new notification, but it's the same old ad. If I cannot have control of my account, this "offer up" will morph into "give it up".