How do you turn off the default "ALL" option?

Level 5
Wtf is with this latest update where the default page is "ALL", instead of "pick up"? The whole purpose of this app was to make it easy to buy and sell to our local community. I understand there needs to be growth and doing became an option, but that option shouldn't be default. I want to browse what people have around me by default and choose the shipping option for something specific.
It used to be that I opened this app, browsed, found something I liked, and purchased it locally. Now, i saw something I liked, clicked it, and it was in another state! This is not only annoying but also exposes is to a crap ton of spammers, which OE has no control over, flooding the app with fitretv and firestick ads available to be shipped.

It was fine until the recent updates but now it forces shipping and local without an option to choose for my preference.
Gonna downgrade until this goes back.
Level 9
No changes here.

In the front feed I have two options.

If the cities are far I just enter my zip manually.