How long does it take for offerup to check for a refund issue?

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TL;DR at bottom


so I brought a computer processor from Offerup, it looked fine, so I installed it, add thermal paste, cooler, install all require components that makes a computer function, and it turns on for 3 seconds and turns itself off.

I tried to troubleshoot with no success, so I replaced the processor with another one and it post, the only thing I can think of is the processor being defective, I checked pins on the CPU, slight bent, but still makes physical contact with the socket.


Mailed tech support, and has gotten no reply, how long does it take for Offerup support to send me back a reply?


And what does “Please reply to this specific email within 3 days, via an email address used with the OfferUp account used to purchase the item. Please note that if you use a different email address, the claim cannot be verified and approved.” Where “via an email address used with the offerup account used to purchase the item” mean?


is it mt PayPal account? (Payment method email) is it my offerup account signup email?


tldr, brought a defective processor and still waiting for customer support to reply, asking how long.





In regards to refunds, every case is unique and is handled on a "case by case" basis. There is no standard timeframe.


The "email" in question is the OfferUp account signup email.


If you did not pay using OfferUp's payment system via Stripe (not Paypal), your claim is invalid. The Buyer Protection Claim is ONLY applicable to those that use OfferUp's e-payment system (again....Stripe).

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The email they are requesting is the one typically used with your Offerup account. It sounds like however you used PayPal to pay the seller. Offerup wont give you a refund in this case as you went off site to pay. I would dispute it with PayPal or your bank.