How to hide or block posts from certain sellers?

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@goblin Haha, @Hotrod would be amazing at that! 

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I wanted to thank you for all of the feedback and tips in this thread. I'm taking notes and will send them over to the team. I know we have new features in the works to help with this, but as always, I really, really appreciate all of this feedback. This is exactly why we built this community!

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Exactly, I am tired of seeing dealer posts. If I want to buy from a dealer I would go them. Please give this feature
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Any update on this ?
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Love this idea. I think it would be super helpful to have the dealers have their own section in the app. I also think that separating the private dealers vs. dealerships could help.


We love hearing these suggestions and we always pass them on. That being said, we won't have any updates on this type of feature release until we are close to a solution, so definitely stay tuned for our future!

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I am weary of the person, wheather or not a business, who has multiple items to sell and has a firm, etc post with used prices higher than new items on sale. I am not opposed to those people I just do not want to waste my time opening up their post, so either provide me the opportunity to block them from my site or post their prices so I can just skip without opening their post 


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Agreed, please pass along my comment to the dev, I really do believe being able to block certain sellers will help to discourage spammers. You will be giving buyers the ability to give these sellers a feedback telling them that their posts are just not effective. At the same time if we can block certain sellers they should also get stats(maybe in the weekly seller stats) on how many users have block their posts.
I’m sure this feature will be a challenge in terms of coding but at the same time I’m sure it will be one of the most appreciated feature. It will be like when email spam box first came out.
...on the subject of filters, why won't the ones you DO set STICK!?
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What’s going on with this feature request?
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This is still a huge problem and I’m bummed this lost was written in 2017 because clearly nothing has changed. I see the same 3-5 Sellers spam my feed every day, to the point I can guess who is selling what (usually a ton of laundry detergent, soap, etc). I wish you could block users and stop seeing their wares altogether. I’m not on here for 10 bottles of Clorox!