How to hide or block posts from certain sellers?

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@Decades_Antqs I totally agree with you
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I'm so sick of the company post!!! I will stop using offer up if they don't fix this!!
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Sorry for late reply, please see below.

The entire goal of the app is to help users (everyone) to sell and buy their items by their choice. Regular owners those that are not holding any business, just people who are trying to sell something having problem in certain categories. What I mean by “PROBLEM” is that some categories are being overwhelmed by hundreds of listings from “Business Owners”. They keep posting every 2-5 minutes and it happens every single day, everything that hasn’t been sold is being re-posted over and over, as an example take a look at cell phone category. Listings from regular users are being drown in thousands listings of business owners, for us it’s basically unreal to sell something. In order to sell a single item and compete with them we have to post the same item multiple times a day, it’s like we have nothing else to do? The same comes when we want to buy something but not from business owners, just from regular owners, it takes so much time to go through every post to find what we need. We want to bring your “Offerup” attention and give us some solution on how to hide or filter those posts.

Options for you to consider:

1. Originally when you make a posting, set a mandatory to mark listing as owner or business. Then add filter that would lets us filter.

2. Or let us block certain users so we would never see their posts.

3. Or let us hide their listings completely, (option 2 is more preferred)

4. Make limitations only 5 posting free per day, charge money for rest, not an option for us, but it could stop some other from spamming. – I personally don’t like it.

5. Don’t allow the same posting what’s the point of letting us making duplicates? If you add service that would check the description of the item with the rest listings from the same seller, it might help. Especially against those who are using some sort of automation to manage their postings.

At the end of the day we want solution of a choice and be able normally sell and buy what we want. As of now this application only brings frustration. Please address this message to PM or team that is working on the new features.
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@green @Elin
I super agree with this thread.
The amount of businesses using OfferUp for free advertising is out of control. If I'm interested in buying something I'll message the seller to meet up and make the deal. Usually with these businesses they want you to go to their established store and run through their cash register. It defeats the community aspect of OfferUp as well as the whole concept of OfferUp. It is turning OfferUp into an spam central instead of a good way to buy and sell from people in your community. It's gotten to the point where I barely buy on OfferUp anymore because shuffling through spam posts or business advertisements is frustrating after a certain extent and I'd rather pay the $10-$30 extra and buy it new from a retail store to reduce the headache.

I'd super suggest the ability to block a user and their posts. I often flag posts for this reason and see that nothing happens to it over the course of time. that's frustrating because I take the time to do what I'm supposed to in this case and OfferUp doesn't hold up their end of the bargain on flagged posts.

I like the suggestion of selecting business or owner when you post an item. I also think that a user's post that has the name of a business or provides a business address in their post should automatically be deleted.

Please get better control of the business sweep. The cellphone market is he perfect example of spam posts flooding the category. I am trying to cell a phone and I get hit up a lot by these businesses and they offer me super cheap prices so they can flip them and sell them on their page. It's just not what OfferUp is about. I get that selling on the internet will never be perfect but OfferUp had this organic aspect to it that nobody else did and it's slipping away very fast to all the business spammers.
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I agree, we should have the option to block/filter out certain users. And maybe there should be a limit on how many items you can post per day, I’d say 10, if you have the time to post 100s of post then basically you are running a business and either they need to pay per post or pay a subscription fee to raise the limit. I personally would prefer the option to block because it gives more power to the buyer and would passively discourage any kind of spam if the business know that their actions can turn buyers off and the buyer can choose not to see their posts.
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The only thing I don't like about the app is that I can't delete messages I know how to hide them. Sometimes people message about an item and then never reply or say they don't drive and want me to drop it off to them which I usually can't as I don't drive. I have so many things that I am selling its gets confusing to respond to the right person. Also I don't like that the sold items are still listed on my profile with the items I am still curently selling. I know I can archive them but then people cant see what I already sold. I am a new user with not many reviews so far so I want people to be able too see that I sold many tooling so that they feel as tho they can trust me. Any advice

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Definately way overdue IMHO to block sellers and ALL of their listings.


These sellers who are spamming OfferUp are ruining it for everyone. When a buyer comes and see's your front page filled with numerous of the same item they often move on to alternative options.


Please also along with people being able to block a sellers listing, do EVERYONE a favor and keep track at OfferUp of how many people have blocked that seller/person and take appropriate actions.



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I've been wanting this feature forever. I'm sick of looking through offerup and seeing the inside of someone's store. I just want to block them and all their posts.
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It is utterly ridiculous that I can't search for, say, "Verizon" without my feed being overwhelemed with business posters. I've even tried flagging the posters and blocking them; nope, feed still inundated with their spam.


OfferUp - pay attention. You're going to lose users over this.

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The main issue with reposts and / or business posts is that they will infest a category, sometimes posting every hour — constantly until they eventually give up, sometimes for years.

I personally do it for a service I provide, although my profile only has the ONE ad bi-weekly so I can be rated.

The obvious solution would be more mods that understand what ads can be taken down, more specifically to this thread I think — mass spam to the main feed aka consecutive duplicates of businesses.

I nominate @Hotrod for Spam Mod.

King of Spam and Duplicates

I also agree with you @Decades_Antqs many want there to be a fix next day I think is what's going on.