How to hide or block posts from certain sellers?

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I am sorry that you had a horrible experience @christiansimcox. However, if you are saying that I am lying, I most certainly am not. I'm not sure how many people are like me that when I block someone I can no longer see their profile. That's what my experience has been like. I dont know if there are other people like me.
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@christiansimcox you seem to be really unhappy! I read in your post that you are in LA. Perhaps if you could elaborate a little on these dealers then I can find them too. You see I am in LA also and I would like to help you rid the feed of them! It has been my experience when I've reported someone its dealt with in a matter of moments. Now I haven't noticed the ones that your talking about but I may have over looked them. So let's work together and make this a site we can all be proud of!


@Woodguychris I am not unhappy, i just truly can't understand why this site has had companints from users for well over 2 years about the spam but refuses to do anything. Management won't even allow us to blcok out the garbage ourselves. This is just a very tiny example, but go to the LA page and look for Toyota 4runner wheels, a shed, Toyota Tacoma flares, any type of furniture, pretty much every single item in the for sale categories. Tell me what you see, since this pathetic site won't even allow us to link a search here. Reporting them does nothing.

@aidenholley  I don't think you are lying, but this is not the experience of any other user, when we block someone their hundreds of posts still show up. The only thing that changes is that they cannot message you.


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@christiansimcox  I myself am in Azusa so I will check out what your referring to and if their in violation then I will report them. If enough of us report them then they will get removed!

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However, @christiansimcox, you seemed to indicate that I was wrong in my experience. Maybe @Mj_206 can see what can be done in my experience as well as others. I get very frustrated when I block someone and I can't unblock them if I need to myself since i cant see their profiles at all unless i just so happened to save an item on one of my boards.

@aidenholley I am sorry, but you are indeed wrong, or it is just a strong coincidence that the spammers are removed right after you block them. I have blocked multiple multiple users yet still see their mountains of trash no matter what I do. Can you go test it? Go to LA, type in Toyota wheels, you will see at least 5 thousand, yes thousand, posts from 3 or 4 different users, all with obvious fake prices and duplicate after duplicate post. Block one, or all of the, and then go back to the site and do the same search. You will still see the spam. 

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However, I am not wrong. As I mentioned, it might be a coincidence, but I definitely am not wrong in my experience. Do not ever say that my experience is wrong. The users I block are still active on the app and I cannot see their profile. I not only report spammers but people that do not have the sense to not message me when I actively tell them not to. I also tend to block the users that I do not want communicating with me and I cannot see their profile.
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Since there is a little heart for us to click on to add things to a saved or favorites list I don't see why we can't have one (a thumbs down or heart with a line thru it...) for us to put what we consider insane sellers or posts we don't want to see on a list ... It may not block them from our view but it could alert the offer up team to posts that are just ridiculous and annoying to those of us who are playing by the rules... We should have the option when we add the item or seller to our favorites or NOT favorites list to put the reason or our reason for adding them (seller has decent prices, these shoes my size, fits my son's lg phone OR Seller has ridiculous prices, seller posts the same item daily, seller is a 'business' IMO... )... I'm sure the offer up team could even make a list for us to chose from and when we chose certain ones it will flag you guys to look into those posts.
Please help. I have a customer I sent some material to, there was no marks or anything on that material I check front and back before sending material and had rolled it off of a fabric roll.

I have since tried to block this person however, the person still keeps getting on my page texting me sending in sending inappropriate comments to me. Can someone please help me block this user. I have been a long-time user of OfferUp and have sold over 30 items.