How to hide or block posts from certain sellers?

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Seriously! I’m in a rural area so I will never ever buy more than 5 miles away. Stop reverting it back to 30!
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Yes! It's so annoying to have to go in and change that every time
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Did your team read your note? There is a user on my feed that sells cell phones and posts about every 4 mins. The only thing on my feed is cell phones and adds of things OfferUp stole from my internet search history..😏

Is there not an option to at least hide certain users to avoid seeing their posts? Because I’d ACTUALLY like to browse my local community’s items. Not some under the table “cash only” cell phone store..
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What is going on with this feature request? Anyone home? Seriously, this is ultra lame. You are getting valid features and you are ignoring them!
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Maybe if we get more kudos it will bring their attention? So far I see 0 feedback from offerup.
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"adds of things OfferUp stole from my internet search history..😏"

The app tells you explicitly what permission are required I'm pretty sure stealing net searches is not one of them. It's simply an algorithm that gives back results for same / similar item.

No, there is currently no way to block posts from blocked users.

@Cygnus @green

See Page 3

They said they would pass along these suggestions.

Whether it's implemented or not is up to OfferUp and their Dev team, admins don't have the tools or authority to implement this next day.

Much like any other thing, there's a wait period for anything new — there are also bigger priorities, which currently seems to be the shipping feature.

Users bringing up their interest in this feature to staff is good, but it's smart to keep a cool head while doing so.

That said, I agree with most requested features. The topic at hand being one of them.
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@CC93 @Cygnus @green We're hearing you! We're not ignoring you at all. A little note on how we send feedback to the appropriate teams for new features - we send out a detailed report every single week on what our community members are asking for and why, with links to specific threads. So everything you share with us here and discuss with us and with each other is getting sent out weekly.


What we can do is keep bringing up key requests all of you are providing us. The engineers and product teams have a lot of exciting features in the works for every quarter, to help and to improve the overall quality of the app for each seller and buyer. So keep the feedback coming so we can continue to raise awareness for each and every request and topic discussed. 

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Welcome to the Community Forums @green@Cygnus@CC93.

I'm sorry your all having some issues.

Do you know not everyone is having the issues that you are? It differs and varies among devices, updates, areas etc. I know I don't seem to experience these issues as much as you all claim. That doesn't mean it's not true and frustrating for those who are. Keep in mind, this is a Nationwide forum. While nothing is going to be perfect, everyone  has complaints that run the spectrum. Somewhere along the spectrum more of us may see the same issues than others. And I'm just speaking of those who even use the forums.


In my opinion, you all should spend time checking the forums and learning more about the app; the good and the bad . The Community Managers @Elin and @MJ_206, really do work to help promote the best experience and pass along all feedback to the proper teams. Some people only come here angry, frustrated or concerned but never really take time to explore and find out how thing operate within OfferUp. I can understand that. Some people just want what they want: sell, buy, simple. Sometimes, things aren't that simple. I really don't know much that is.


OfferUp is evolving and in doing so, I'm sure will continue to make improvements. I suggest, to best be heard, continue to join current conversations and share more about your OfferUp experiences. That's how you get the attention your seeking for your issues.

If you don't see a topic currently being discussed you want to address, by all means, start a thread and you'll get feedback. Wish you all the best OfferUp experience going forward.

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Yes, please add this. About to stop using offer up because I see this one person's posts over and over because they post them everyday multiple times so it always appears in my feed.
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Have you reported any of them as duplicates?