How to know if people are safe to make transactions?

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I've sold items by going to the buyer twice. So far I've had no problems and they were appreciative. 

You. Can almost tell with most people if you can trust them. Just from texting

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I always, always bring someone with me. Just because a picture shows a "sweet old granny" type, doesn't mean that's who you'll meet. Also, doesn't hurt to bring pepper spray with you. Just in case. I think it's about 10 bucks from Walmart.
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What I've done in the past if I'm unsure or not 100% about the person (based on chat/profile info) is:
1) Ask for their telephone number os you can text when meeting up. If worried you can try googling the number to see if anything sketchy comes up.
2) Simply ask them to meet at a police station. If they refuse for some reason (FYI they shouldn't) then you know not to deal with them.

The few times I've gone this route (~5) were due to the conversation leading me to believe something sketchy may be in play and not getting a good vibe from the person. Each time they would not meet at the police station and I was right about them not being up to par.
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@ZygyKoz I LOVE your second tip. About your first - while I can understand what you mean by that, we really don't recommend giving out personal phone numbers - we want everyone to communicate with potential buyers and sellers within the app, which is why we built our in-app messaging system. That way no one has to feel like they have to share their personal information with other members if they don't feel comfortable in doing so. Smiley Happy

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Not from my knowledge but if you go with another person and meet in a public place while it's still light out instead of someone's house you lower the chance of someone trying to victimize you.