How to know if people are safe to make transactions?

Just use common sense
Thank you everyone
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@quang for me I believe you have to catch phrases used. Such as I am along for my so and so because they don't have this app. Or if they says things like I don't drive can you come to me and it's like after dark. That would be a negative for me shipmate. Not always are we able to decide by the accounts not having pictures or truyou rating or verified account with email phone or Facebook. As I personally do not give those pieces of information out for app access. However, if you look at my rating I have a 5 🌟 rating.
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Me personally I always ask the customer to bring ID and defiantly meet up in a safe place like police stations, HEB , grocery stores and public places with a lot of lights and witnesses .
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Look at the ratings and see if they 5 star or not (usally ain't good people if they below that) and meet up at a public location
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The way i know, if its safe to do a transaction with someone. Is by the vibe i get from just messageing someone. If hes rude blunt nd tries to lowball nd cusses then its a NO GO.Also if im gonna do a transaction then i start by always letting the individual on the other end know. That i dont give out my address for security reasons. So i give him directions to a opened and public area to meet. If that individual doesn't want to, then its a NO GO ..if he does , then once there if he shows up with kids nd wife and is respectful and conducts buissnes in a humble respectful way. Then i most likely know its safe nd next time around.( if theres one) ill be comfortable with giving out my address..Now if he shows up drunk or high then its a red flag to avoid that person in a respectful manner and block him for future posts..thats just my outlook on the topic.. Thank u for ur time nd hope u take my warning signs into consideration ...much respects ur humble Offer Up member DPancho...KYHU

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Follow your gut feeling. If it doesn't feel right ThEn don't do it.

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Good question. I don't like the idea when buyers want the seller to deliver the item. To me, this can be a red flag. Any criminal element could easily Rob you if their in a secluded location. I always put it in my item description, buyer picks up or seller doesn't deliver. There's no reason these buyers can't find a way to get to your location if they're truly serious about buying your item.